QTCinderella Called Out On Deepfake Stance: "She Made It About Herself...Stole The Spotlight"

Destiny has accused QTCinderella of making the recent deepfake porn scandal about herself.

Destiny vs QT Cinderella
Destiny vs. QTCinderella, who will win? | © Destiny via Wikipedia / QTCinderella via Twitter

Do you remember when that streamer was caught paying for a deepfake porn site? He did a cringey apology video (which featured his wife), and then most fans forgot all about it because Kai Cenat got a handjob live on stream.

One of the women on the deepfake site was QTCinderella, and she spoke out recently against deepfake porn in general. A fellow streamer, Destiny, has now responded, but he has turned the blame on QTCinderella herself...

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Destiny vs. QTCinderella: She's Making It About Herself

Destiny's took to stream to critique QTCinderella's anti-deepfake porn message, accusing her of stealing the spotlight and making it about herself. Here's the full clip:

The reaction to this has been largely negative. Most fans think QTCinderella made a good point by taking a stance against deepfake porn, and so Destiny's remarks seem mean-spirited.

As one of the most highly-upvoted replies to this clip on Reddit says:

Of course she was involved. Her face was on the website and the guy showing it's existence to the world is/was a close colleague and friend of her boyfriend and someone she regularly deals with. Destiny sure as hell isn't involved in the majority of topics he decides to wade into.

We'll update you as soon as QTCinderella herself replies to Destiny.

Whose side are you on in this whole debate? Or have you given up Twitch for Kick, so you can watch porn with Adin Ross?

This will definitely make it into next month's Streamer Scandal:

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