Scientists Discover Hidden Forest With New Species

Scientists have discovered an ancient hidden forest, that might contain some new species.
Sinkhole ancient forest new species china
What wonders lay yonder? | ©Daily Express

So, the other day, the Pentagon called in an official UFO meeting, due to more sightings than ever, and now scientists have discovered a massive sinkhole, containing a hidden ancient forest, which might be home to unknown species. What the actual F. Wild times we're living in.

Scientists Discover New Species in Hidden Forest

The forest in question is in the Guangxi region of China, and is situated in a massive sinkhole. To be exact, the sinkhole is 630ft deep, 1000ft long, and 490ft wide. Within the previously undiscovered sinkhole is a primitive forest, that is well preserved and houses ancient trees that are 130ft tall, and could be home to unknown species.

If you're anything like me, this news is a major surprise, but it turns out that this is fairly normal for China - which has many "dramatic sinkholes and otherworldly caves", according to the National Cave and Karst Research Institute.

Now, you might not be aware, but 2021's Godzilla vs Kong plays onthe Hollow Earth theory, meaning that the world is hollow and creatures the size of Godzilla live within. It's a staple theory in science fiction, and anyone who believes in it, is probably having a jolly good time with this discovery.