Finally: Yoda Is Getting a Solo Series

Finally, we are getting the Yoda solo series we all wanted since the dawn of time, but especially since The Mandalorian.
Yoda solo series marvel comics
Finally... | © Disney

So, last week we were kind of overwhelmed with Star Wars news, during the Star Wars Celebration. While many of the Star Wars reveals were exciting, especially Jedi Survivor, this one just tingles different: A new series dedicated to Yoda, and Yoida alone - Star Wars: Yoda.

Star Wars: Yoda is Yoda's First Solo Outing

Now before you get your pitchforks out later, let me make one thing clear: This is a comic series. But, and this is a Kardashian-sized but, it's a Marvel Comics series, and we all know how frequently those get adapted into TV and movies, right? So... for the time being, this 10-issue Yoda series will be comics-exclusive, but soon enough... you can bet your house it will end up on Disney.

The series will focus on the time Yoda spent exiled on Dagobah, and see him reflect on his life. All in all, this will be told in three different arcs, with each arc having its own creative team, and exploring different points in Yoda's life.

The first arc will be set during the High Republic, featuring a young Yoda. The second arc takes place shortly before The Phantom Menace, while the third arc is set during the final days of the Clone Wars. Now, if you're anything like me, this is exciting, because... I actually love comics. But, again: Don't worry, we'll undoubtedly be seeing this one in motion soon enough.