The Best FUT Birthday Cards In FIFA 22

FUT Birthday is coming to an end. We show you the best FUT Birthday cards in FIFA 22.

Besten FUT Bday
Ronaldo is awesome, but unfortunately also really expensive... Here are the best FUT birthday cards. | © EarlyGame / EA

Every year, FUT Birthday is a successful event in FIFA. From Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala to Manuel Neuer with 5-star skills, there was again a lot of curious and furious cards. We take a look at the best FUT Birthday players that exist in FIFA 22 so far. But one card towers above all the others. Maybe you can already guess which player it is by the stats of the card on the thumbnail.

Most of the special cards in the FUT Birthday event get 5-star skills, which is what makes them so exciting and interesting to play at the same time. I don't know about you, but there's no way I'm going to put Neuer in my goal, because I'd start a skill run every time, and I'd concede quite a few goals.

FIFA 22: The Best FUT Birthday Cards

There are a lot of FUT Birthday players we really like. Hopefully, you've been following our SBC guides closely and have completed players like Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Jurriën Timber. We'll get to those two in more detail later, but the SBCs have already expired. +1 who has the two cards. There were, of course, SBCs that no one could use once again. Tanguy Ndombele is the most prominent example. We almost thought that the poor man would break the dislike record on Futbin. As of now, he has received more than 6,000 thumbs down. But why should this SBC have been completed as well? Ndombele only has 80 pace and 4 star skills, what to do with that? And then the SBC also costs more than 300k, it's ridiculous. Hopefully no one completed it. But now we come to the best FUT birthday cards.

Luis Suarez Is The Best FUT Birthday Player

Everybody in the editorial team agreed: Luis Suarez has the best FUT-Birthday card in FIFA 22! We deliberately decided against CR7, because we also want to think one step ahead. Sure, Ronaldo has the best rating, but he is also by far the most expensive. Suarez on the other hand costs about 885,000 coins and offers you the same good gameplay. His worst relevant stat is an 89 in passing, otherwise he has 90 pace, 94 shooting, 91 dribbling and 90 physicality. What a machine. Anyone with the coins lying around should give Suarez a try. The Reddit community agrees that the Atlético striker will redefine the meta. Suarez can also be linked without any problems. We're thinking Marcos LLorente RTTF.

Suarez stats
He surely is the best FUT Birthday player! | © FUTBIN

Timber And Mkhitaryan Were The Best FUT Birthday SBCs

We've already touched on it briefly just now. Timber and Mkhitaryan have been the best SBCs in recent weeks. Timber is a solid IV at 86 pace, his Squad Building Challenge also only cost a little over 40k. Mkhitaryan is the best valued player in this year's FUT Birthday. 190,000 coins had to be paid for the SBC, which is really damn little for a player with these stats.

Mücke werte
Hard to believe this player cost less than 200k. | © FUTBIN

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