FIFA 22: Cross Play Is Live

When FIFA 22 was released, it didn't have cross play. That's changing now, because EA released cross play tests. You can find out here, which consoles can play with and again each other, whether it is live for Ultimate Team and on which consoles FIFA is available.

FIFA 22 Crossplay
EA confirms Crossplay for FIFA 22. | © EA Sports / Sony / Microsoft / EarlyGame

EA ends the long wait for cross play in FIFA and releases cross play testing in FIFA 22. Ok... FINALLY, you almost want to shout. Actually, FIFA 22 could have already had cross play at release. There are still many questions: Can you play on PS4 while someone else plays on PS5? Does cross play include PC? Does it even come to the "old consoles?" And can I play FUT with buddies on other consoles? Lots of questions, we have the answers.

Does FIFA 22 Have Cross Play?

Yes, FIFA 22 does have cross play. After there was no possibility to play between consoles at release, this is now possible.

When Is Cross Play Coming To FIFA?

Cross play has been available in FIFA 22 since May 4th.

How Do I Enable Cross Play In FIFA?

You can turn cross play on and off in the FIFA 22 main menu. Press R2 or RT to open the mini menu. Here, you can enable cross play and search for friends who play on different consoles than you.

FIFA 22 Crossplay Update
The menu gets a new option. | © EA Sports

It's nice that EA Sports brings out big guns right around TOTS in Ultimate Team. FIFA 22 is on PS Plus, as well as EA Play, and it's coming soon to Game Pass. In the near future, everyone will be able to get it for free (those, who're already paying for the online services of Sony and Microsoft) – then we can play against our buddies with different consoles. But what is possible? Xbox One and PS4? PS5 and PS4?

It doesn't look good...

What Modes Will Have Cross Play In FIFA 22?

EA announces cross play for online seasons and online friendlies only. To avoid major failures in the more competitive FUT, the publisher prefers to collect the data in the "normal online modes".

Which Consoles Will Have Cross Play in FIFA 22? Who Can Play Together?

Cross play is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia. With that, it's only available to next-gen owners. It's a shame, we would have liked EA to test the feature on a larger player base and also allow us to play between "old" and "new" consoles.

Will FIFA 22 Have Cross Play Between PlayStation 4 And 5?

No, unfortunately FIFA 22 is not suitable for cross play within the Sony consoles.

Will FIFA 22 Have Cross Play Between Xbox One And Series X Or S?

No, we have to disappoint you here too. You can only play between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

FIFA 22: Which Console Can I Play It On?

FIFA 22 On PlayStation 5

Of course, FIFA 22 is on PlayStation 5. Even if the console is so fiendishly hard to get hold of, the lucky ones of you who got it will get to enjoy FIFA 22 on the PS5.

FIFA 22 On PlayStation 4

Even your PS4 is enough to enjoy FIFA 22 to the fullest. Although that's not true, because EA has canceled the free next-gen upgrade.

Also, Hypermotion will only be available on next-gen. Gameplay differences are huge and not only the menu is just hell on PS4.

FIFA 22 On Xbox Series X/S

Of course, FIFA 22 is also available on the Microsoft console. Here, too, you can enjoy all the advantages of the next-gen version.

FIFA 22 On Xbox One

On the "old" Xbox, you have the same problem as on PS4. Of course, there is FIFA 22 for your console, but without Hypermotion – and without cross play.

FIFA 22 On Google Stadia

Google's cloud gaming service lets you play on PC, laptops or even smartphones. Here you have cross play.

FIFA 22 On PC & Mac

Yes to both! And you can find the system requirements for your PC here. It doesn't require an especially good machine, but you'll need a little something-something.

Can You play FIFA 22 With Mouse And Keyboard?

That is also possible. We wouldn't be so keen on it, but maybe there are a few of you who enjoy FIFA with a mouse and keyboard. It is not without reason that most PC gamers still play with the controller connected. By the way, this is also our recommendation.

FIFA 22 On Switch

The game costs only $39.99 for the Switch. For obvious reasons. For the third time, FIFA is now available for the Switch. But be careful: The Switch does not receive any new gameplay features. Of course, there are the new stadiums, jerseys, and ratings, but the gameplay won't change that much. (Plus, the game is just better on any other