FIFA 22 Will Have Crossplay! [Update]

FIFA 22 will have cross-play for the first time in the history of the game. It is a test run for FIFA 23.
FIFA 22 Crossplay
FIFA 22 will probably have crossplay soon! | © EarlyGame / EA

EA confirms the update for FIFA 22 in the next weeks which implements cross-play. That's absolutely insane! FIFA 22 is slowly but surely coming to an end, of course we are still excited about the TOTS and the Summer Stars, but let's not fool ourselves, the wedding is over. EA thinks the same, because they want to use FIFA 22 as a test object for cross-play, so that the feature runs flawlessly for FIFA 23.

This also means that the leaks of Tom Henderson prove to be correct yet again. We already wrote about the fact that FIFA 23 will have cross-play some weeks ago. Now we can look forward to it already in FIFA 22.

Leaks: FIFA 22 Will Get Cross-play

FUT Sheriff has announced (obviously he was one of the first) that cross-play will be tested in FIFA 22.

He says that he doesn't know exactly when it will come and for which modes it will be available. Ultimate Team seems unrealistic, as that is EA's main source of revenue. It wouldn't make sense to risk problems, bugs, and glitches for FUT if crossplay doesn't work perfectly at first. We expect cross-play to be available for the normal friendlies.

Furthermore, Fut_scoreboard has revealed new info about crossplay in FIFA 22 on Twitter again and again. The user always has a close look on the game code of FIFA and usually knows in advance when new packs, features or other things will be implemented by EA Sports.

Once again, he has discovered that some brand new crossplay "strings" have recently appeared in the code of FIFA 22. What exactly he is talking about, you can see for yourself in the tweet below.

Even without in-depth IT knowledge, we can recognize some features like inviting friends, other game invitations and cross-play notifications.

So there are more and more signs that EA Sports will really test crossplay with FIFA 22. This also makes sense from EA's side, because after the Team of the Season hype, the FUT-year is as good as over. After that, everybody just wants to have FIFA 23 already. Why not just try out crossplay now and implement it completely starting in October?

Does FIFA 22 Have Cross-play?

As of now, FIFA 22 doesn't have crossplay yet. But EA will release this feature for FIFA 22 soon. This means that PlayStation, Xbox and PC can play together across consoles. Theoretically, you could then link Ultimate Team, Seasons, Co-op Seasons, Pro Clubs and Volta with cross-play. In the test phase, however, EA will probably limit cross-play to friendlies only.

When Will FIFA 22 Get Cross-play?

FIFA 22 will get Crossplay in the next weeks or months. We don't have an exact release date yet, but the rumors suggest that it shouldn't take too long until the update comes. As soon as there is something new on this topic, the article will be updated immediately.

Can FIFA 22 Be Played Together On PlayStation, Xbox And PC?

As soon as the crossplay update is here, you can play FIFA 22 together on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. At the current time, however, this is not yet the case. We will have to be patient until the cross-play update is released.

Is It Possible To Turn Off Cross-play In FIFA 22?

We assume that the cross-play function can be disabled for FIFA 22 and also the current leak from Fut_scoreboard points to it. The first locstring in the image shared on Twitter describes "CROSSPLAY_DISABLE"... so if crossplay will be available for FIFA 22 you will probably be able to turn it off.

EA can't force you to play against players with other consoles if you don't like it. But be prepared for longer waiting times when searching for matches if you disable crossplay.