FIFAe World Cups: The World Champions

With the FIFAe World Cup, the FIFAe Club World Cup and the FIFAe Nations Cup, the most important tournaments of the year in FIFA 22 esports are over. In the end, the German Umut Gültekin, the Spanish team Movistar Riders and Brazil celebrate. We got all the information and highlights about international FIFA esports.

FIF Ae World Cups
The FIFAe World Champions in FIFA 22: Umut Gültekin, Movistar Riders and Brazil. | © FIFAe via Twitter

The highlight of the FIFA esports year. After the individual seasons of the different regions all over the world ended, we can look forward to the FIFAe World Cup, the FIFAe Club World Cup and the FIFAe Nations Cup in July and August. In the World Cup, we will see the solo world champion in FIFA 22. In the Club World Cup the biggest esport teams and organizations compete with each other and in the Nations Cup the 24 best countries will fight for the title.

Three major tournaments, huge prize pools, and several weeks of FIFA esport action at the highest level. It doesn't get any better than that. Here you can get an overview of all events.

FIFAe Nations Cup: Brazil Wins Against Poland

At the 2vs2 event of nations, Brazil won the cup in the end. The FIFA Seleção beat Poland in the final with a 0-0 and 2-1 win. EarlyGame says congratulations to Diogo "tuga810″ Pombo and Rodrigo "Rodrigol" Marques. You can find all teams and their participants here. You can find all teams and their participants here.

$120,000 for the Selecao

In addition to the title, a whopping 120,000 US dollars in prize money also went to Brazil. A total of 400,000 US dollars was the prize pool at the FIFAe Nations Cup. You can check out the highlights of the final right here.

Tuga has already secured the Club World Cup with Movistar Riders, he's on fire, yo.

FIFAe Club World Cup: Movistar Riders Win In Copenhagen

The second major tournament in FIFA 22 esport ends with the FeWC. Movistar Riders can win the team World Cup. The Spanish organization competed with Andoni "AndoniiPM" Payo and Diogo "tuga810″ Pombo and won 2-1 on aggregate (1-1 and 1-0) against Serious about FIFA (SAF). EarlyGame says congratulations!

$100,000 for the World Team Champions

Many big esport organizations competed over two days in Copenhagen. You can watch the whole final again in full length on the FIFA YouTube channel. The winning team receives $100,000 out of a total prize pool of $300,000.

FIFAe World Cup: Umut Is World Champion In FIFA 22

Umut Gültekin from Germany is World Champion in FIFA 22. He won the penalty shootout in the final against eChampions League winner Nicolas Vilalba.

After the two final games, in which neither wanted nor was able to go all in, the score was 0:0. The World Cup final was decided on penalties. Can anyone imagine this pressure? Umut could save the second shot and scored every penalty himself – in the end, he just couldn't believe it.

$250,000 Prize Money – Germany Is Back To Back Winner

Germany thus defended the world championship title in FIFA. After the World Cup had to be paused in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, MoAuba was still the official Champion. He won the FIFAe World Cup in 2019.

By winning the 2022 World Cup final, Umut gets $250,000, but MUCH more important: Umut is FIFA World Champion! EarlyGame says congratulations. In the end, all four participants of Germany celebrated together with Umut. Class!

FIFAe World Cup Participants

A total of 32 participants qualified for the final tournament of the FIFAe World Cup. They have outperformed the competition since the start of the campaign in October 2021 and also came through the final play-offs in late June 2022.

After the World Cup was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, we will finally see a new World Champion this year.

Groups Of The FIFAe World Cup 2022

The best FIFA players of the world were drawn into four groups, each with eight players. After two legs, the four best players of each group advance into the next round.

FIF Ae WM 2022
FIFA 22 World Cup participants. | © FIFA

FIFA 22 World Cup: Highlights And Livestream

The Events are streamed on YouTube or Twitch – we've linked the official channels here for you. The nice thing is that even if you don't care for FIFA esports, you still can get something for your Ultimate Team. You can earn easy FUT FGS Tokens by just streaming the event – and use them to open fresh packs.

Here you can watch the thrilling World Cup Final again. It doesn't get any better than this.