FIFA 22 Giorgio Chiellini Premium SBC – Great Upgrade & Super Cheap

We got a new SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: End of an Era Giorgio Chiellini. Is the Premium SBC worth it? And how expensive is it? Let's check it out.
FIFA 22 Chiellini Premium SBC
One of the best SBCs of the year! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Giorgio Chiellini will leave Piemonte Calcio (soon maybe called Juventus Turin again) after this season and make the journey across the pond to Los Angeles FC in the MLS. Since the Italian is an absolutely amazing defender and has left a huge legacy at Juve, he will get a premium End of an Era SBC in FIFA 22.

EA Sports has done the same with Lorenzo Insigne and Adebayo Akinfenwa – this summer, there are just a hell of a lot of old stars leaving their homes and looking for a new challenge, or ending their careers completely. The premium SBCs have always been really worthwhile so far, including the one for Chiellini. Here's the cheapest solution for it!

End of an Era Chiellini SBC Overview

You have until July 19 to complete the Chiellini SBC in FIFA 22. The Italian just got a proper end-game card. Especially with his pace, EA has really greased the wheels here. But just have a look at the stats yourself:

LeagueSerie A TIM
TeamPiemonte Calcio














91 pace for Giorgio Chiellini – pretty unrealistic, but also pretty fantastic. If he was really that fast in real life, he wouldn't have had to grab Bukayo Saka by the neck at the Euros...

But FIFA doesn't have to be realistic all the time, especially not if we get such strong special cards like this one. Sometimes we just want that power, which Serie A teams definitely still need.

Giorgio Chiellini Premium SBC Stats
Instantly one of the best CBs in the game! | © Futbin

Is The Chiellini Premium SBC In FIFA 22 Worth It?

Let's let the community do the talking, shall we? 97% gave this SBC a thumbs up on FUTBIN. 97%. That's easily already one of the most popular and best challenges of the year. EA is doing so damn much right with the Premium SBCs. Please keep it up!

Pro EOAE ChielliniCon EOAE Chiellini
  • Preis
  • Upgrade
  • Pace (91!)
  • Composure (98)
  • Stamina (88)

EOAE Chiellini Premium SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What is the cheapest way to complete the Giorgio Chiellini Premium SBC? If we show you the cheapest solution, it means that this card has a lot to offer! So let's take a look at the teams you have to swap for the Italian:


Chiellini Piemonte Calcio SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Giorgio Chiellini Premium SBC Team 1
50K are a joke for a card this good. | © Futbin

Chiellini Team 1 SBC Requirements

  • Piemonte Calcio Players: Min. 1
  • IF- or TOTS-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 70
  • Reward: Premium Electrum Players Pack



Chiellini Serie A TIM SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Giorgio Chiellini Premium SBC Team 2
Have fun with Giorgio, may he keep your defense tight. | © Futbin

Chiellini Team 2 SBC Requirements

  • Serie A TIM Players: Min. 1
  • IF- or TOTS-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 65
  • Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack

And that's it for the SBC featuring End of an Era Giorgio Chiellini. If you don't want to miss any other FIFA news, you should click on these articles: