Crazy OP 98-Rated Gareth Bale SBC In FIFA 22 – Cheapest Solution

We got a new Premium SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: End of an Era Gareth Bale. Is the new challenge actually worth it? And how expensive is it? Let's check it out.

EOAE Gareth Bale SBC Header
Stats like prime Gareth Bale! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 22 is slowly but surely coming to an end. The leaks and rumors about FIFA 23 are piling up and the new special cards in Ultimate Team have crazy stats. I mean, it has to be like that, because otherwise hardly anyone would play with them right now.

So, Gareth Bale is the next player to transfer clubs this summer and therefore gets an End of an Era Premium SBC from EA Sports. And oh boy, if you have to face this card, good look... If you still have ambitions in the Weekend League, you'll definitely need it. But what about the price of the Challenge? Is it good? Let's find out!

Gareth Bale Premium SBC Summary

The Premium SBC has been released on Sunday, 3 July 2022, parallel to the third mini-release of the Shapeshifters event and will expire on August 3. It is thus the third Special Card of Gareth Bale in FIFA 22 – and with an overall rating of 98 obviously also the best. Just take a look:

LeagueLaLiga Santander
ClubReal Madrid














You almost can't get better stats than that. Gareth Bale just looks so freaking strong. There's really not much more to say about the EOAE Special Card. Safe to say that he's one of the best wingers in FIFA 22 now.

EOAE Gareth Bale Stats
One of the best wingers in the game, right? | © FUTBIN

Is The Gareth Bale SBC In FIFA 22 Worth It?

Yes, definitely! Make sure to complete the SBC, because Gareth Bale just got a damn strong endgame card for FIFA 22. With him you can easily finish the remaining weeks and months before FIFA 23 finally starts.

Pro EOAE Gareth BaleCon EOAE Gareth Bale
  • siiiiiiick upgrade
  • fair price
  • 5* Skills
  • won't be fun to face him

Gareth Bale Premium SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What is the cheapest way to complete the Gareth Bale End of an Era Premium SBC? If we show you the cheapest solution, it means that this card has a lot to offer! So let's take a look at the teams you have to swap for Bale:


Bale Real Madrid SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

EOAE Gareth Bale Team 1
Wales, Golf, Real Madrid – in that order. | © FUTBIN

Bale Team 1 SBC Requirements

  • Real Madrid Players: Min. 1
  • IF- or TOTS-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 70
  • Reward: Premium Mixed Players Pack

Bale LaLiga SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

EOAE Gareth Bale Team 2
Use Shapeshifters Ljungberg as SBC-fodder. | © FUTBIN

Bale Team 2 SBC Requirements

  • LaLiga Santander Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 87
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 55
  • Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack


Bale Top Form SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

EOAE Gareth Bale Team 3
You can use a couple of TOTS-players as well. | © FUTBIN

Bale Team 3 SBC Requirements

  • IF- or TOTS-Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 88
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 40
  • Reward: Prime Gold Players Pack

Bale 89-Rated Squad SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

EOAE Gareth Bale Team 4
GG! You've got yourself the best winger in FIFA 22. | © FUTBIN

Bale Team 4 SBC Requirements

  • Squad Rating: Min. 89
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 35
  • Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack

And that's it for the SBC featuring End of an Era Gareth Bale. If you don't want to miss any other FIFA news, you should click on these articles: