Live Tuning Updates In FIFA 22: What Are The Changes?

The second live tuning update is live in FIFA 22 and there are several small changes. What are the live tuning updates? And what got patched? We got you.

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Like Kevin de Bruyne once said so beautifully: Let me talk. | © EA Sports

In FIFA, the patches and title updates cause regular heated discussions. We had goalkeepers that were way too strong, long-range finesse shots that were almost unfair and a lot more to complain about. EA is constantly working on the bugs and the gameplay, with title updates and live tuning updates. We have now received the second update from the latter – so what has been changed?

Live Tuning Updates And Title Updates: Where Is The Difference?

What's so special about the live tuning updates? EA can improve FIFA 22 here without having to publish a full title update. This means that gameplay changes can be published more quickly and more frequently in order to improve the game balance.

EA can react promptly to short-term bugs and problems that would otherwise remain in the game for weeks.

So if Moukoko needs to be added to the game quickly or Karim Benzema needs to be removed from the game, EA can do these small live tuning updates. For example, the finesse long-range shots were also patched with the first small update, but we have now received a second patch of this type. What was changed here? We'll show you!

Live Tuning Update 2: Finesse Shots Got Faster

There were several small changes in the new update. One of them concerns the finesse shots: They have now gotten faster again. EA hasn't changed anything in terms of precision, in the Weekend League or any other mode, the long-range shots will only become faster.

The adjustments primarily affect finesse shots taken from 11.5 meters or fewer. The effect is still present between 11.6 and 19.8 meters, but much weaker. The speed of flat passes has also been accelerated. The update generally focused heavily on the pace of the game, but another change affects our tactics and especially the pressing.

Improved Team Pressing

As you probably know, you can use the control pad on your controller to turn on team pressing. This is especially helpful in situations in which you conceded a late goal or when you are not allowed to pause the game, for example.

The team pressing is now active for 20 instead of 15 seconds. This duration will only be counted if the applying team is not in possession of the ball. The cooldown timer (the time in which the players have to catch their breath) for the team pressing has also been reduced from 120 to 100 seconds. Will this change something concerning your favorite tactics?