FIFA 22 Guide: How To Get Started With SBCs in FUT!

Squad Building Challenges are an important feature in FIFA for getting rich. If you want a fancy team, sweet packs and sexy special cards, then you should complete SBCs.
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At first, we all thought EA thought SBCs through. Drop 11 players or more for a couple of packs, or even just one player? Come on! But in the end... everything turned out differently. No FUT player can now imagine a week without a completed SBC. But why? What are these challenges? And above all: How can you conclude an SBC without losing a fortune? We got you, buddy.

SBC Guide: How To Complete SBCs Fast

An SBC is about sending in a team (sometimes also several) and getting a pack, players or jerseys for it in return. The packs are sometimes exchangeable, sometimes not. Certain SBCs are returning regularly, like the Marquee Matchups where you send in four teams and get five packs back for them. The challenge requirements are always very similar, only the difficulty is changing. Most of the time, you need a minimum amount of chemistry, the same is the case with the overall rating. In addition, EA sometimes wants you to hand over some special cards like In-Forms.

Most importantly: pay close attention to what you have to give up for this SBC. For example, if you have to send in an 85 OVR team for a 25k pack, it's definitely not worth it. Whenever you have to spend a lot of coins for an SBC, you should take your time and consider it carefully. When you buy some players, try sniping them (getting them for fewer coins than they are on the market for). It also helps if you take a look at the cheapest SBC solution on our site, then you can be sure that you are not spending too many coins.

Another important note is that there are time-limited SBCs that expire after a few days and others that stay in the game permanently. This is usually written on the SBC before you click on it.

So why would everyone kill for a completed SBC? Sometimes the cards that you get here are only available through SBCs and only for a certain amount of time. The most extraordinary and rarest cards can be found there.

You trust our intelligence and wisdom in FIFA 22? Then go on:

But that's not the only reason for the hype. The SBCs in which you can win packs are almost even more popular. Here, EA often treats us with really nice packs for very low requirements. It can also be worth to keep even the lousiest players in your club. Even when they will remain untouched in your Division Rivals career, they might help you with your SBCs.

If there's suddenly a good challenge appearing in which you have to send in some Barça players for instance, you will save a lot of coins. That's because SBCs have a tremendous impact on the market! The 85s and 86s rise and fall incredibly quickly, you can always speculate on it. We explained that in more detail in our trading article.

Generally, you have to look out for yourself... and your wallet. Some SBCs are really not worth it and just a waste of time and coins. The packs don't always contain fancy OP players, and too many SBCs also result in a lot of nonexchangeable cards. Many players underestimate that fact: You pay for a card and in the end, you get nothing out of it!

All in all, we can only advise you to complete some SBCs and take a look in our SBC area, we will be happy to help you. Until then, we can only advise you to keep trading and building good starter teams so that your start in FIFA 22 is one for the history books!

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