FIFA 22: The Worst Players In FUT

Which players are the worst in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? At least these pros made it into FIFA.
FIFA 22 schlechteste Spieler
Who are the worst players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team? | © EarlyGame / EA

Are you looking for the best players for the upcoming Weekend League? Then you've come to the right place! No, seriously, today, we are talking about the worst players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. At some point, it gets boring to report only about the best and newest cards, that's why we throw the spotlight on the guys who usually don't get much attention in FIFA.

Patrick Ferry, Darren Collins or Arsh Shaikh are some of the worst players in FIFA. But we don't want to make fun of these pros, because compared to us, these guys managed to be part of FIFA 22. If you want a challenge, you are welcome to build a team out of the following players.

These Are The Worst Players In FIFA 22

We will present you the worst players for every position in FIFA 22. Here, you can see the lowest OVR in the entire game. But watch out, because some players are really expensive and cost more than 2,000 coins.

The Worst Goalkeepers In FIFA 22

GKArsh ShaikhATK Mohun Bagan FC (IND 1)47 OVR
GKRevanth ByChennaiyin FC (IND 1)47 OVR
GKDylan Da SilvaFC Goa (IND 1)47 OVR

We will see a lot of players from the Indian league here. This is not surprising, because the Indian league is - together with the Irish league - the worst league in FIFA 22. In the worst league, the worst players are playing, obviously. Nevertheless, it was good marketing for EA to get the licenses of the Indian league.

Breathtaking stats! | © FUTBIN

The Worst Defenders In FIFA 22

RBCallum TalbotSydney FC (AUS 1)49 OVR
CBShilong WangGuangzhou (CHN 1)47 OVR
CBJoel Bradley-WalshFinn Harps (IRL 1)
48 OVR
CBJalen NealLA Galaxy (MLS)
48 OVR
LBDimple BhagatHyderabad FC (IND 1)48 OVR

We sometimes wonder how the ratings of the worst players come together. We know how a FIFA rating is created, but what scout watches the games of the most exotic leagues in the world? And the players in this article are not regulars.... The main thing is that Wang Shilong has 81 balance as an IV.

Wang FIFA 22
It can't get worse! | © FUTBIN

The Worst Midfielders In FIFA 22

CDMXingfeng FangQingdao Huanghai (CHN 1)47 OVR
CMNathan-Dylan SalibaImpact Montreal (MLS)
47 OVR
LMMatthew O'BrienLongford Town (IRL 1)
47 OVR
RMRoshan SinghBengaluru FC (IND 1)
49 OVR
CAMRonan GallagherFinn Harps (IRL 1)
47 OVR

When you see these stats, you think these guys can't play football at all. But go watch games in the Irish league, it's comparable to the 3rd division in England or Germany at times. Besides, football ranks only fourth of national sports in Ireland.

Fang Werte
This is the worst midfielder in FIFA 22. | © FUTBIN

The Worst Strikers In FIFA 22

LWRobbie MahonBohemian FC
48 OVR
RWZhen'ao WangDalian Pro (CHN 1)
47 OVR
STDarren CollinsSligo Rovers (IRL 1)
47 OVR
STPatrick Ferry
Derry City (IRL 1)
47 OVR
STEdmund LalrindikaBengaluru FC (IND 1)
48 OVR

We can see that 47 is the worst overall in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. So, there is not this one worst player. EA surely did a favor to themselves and the player. Nobody wants to end up like Timmy Käßemodel back then.... You all remember the story.

Ferry Werte
These values are really unfortunate... | © FUTBIN

FIFA 22: The Worst Players In FUT

So, this was a selection of the worst players in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Whoever manages to win a Weekend League match with a selection of players from this team should be named FIFA King.

But if you don't want to play FIFA 22 anymore, we can help you with news and leaks about FIFA 23. It was announced that FIFA 23 will have crossplay. We also take a look at the Top 100 Ratings for FIFA 23. Have fun reading!