FIFA 23 Career Mode: Playable Highlights Will Completely Change The Game

FIFA 23 will be released on September 30 and the anticipation rises day by day. One of the changes for the next edition of the game series is the Playable Highlights feature for the career mode. What the Playable Highlights exactly are and which effects they will have on the mode, we'll have a look at now.

FIFA 23 Features
Playable Highlights will completely change the career mode. | © EA Sports

EA Sports has already started the preparation phase for FIFA 23 a long time ago and published teasers and Deep Dive Trailers, in which they have announced changes for the upcoming FIFA game. Today, we'll look at the Playable Highlights, which will be available in the manager- and in the player career mode.

FIFA 23: What Are Playable Highlights?

Every career mode gamer surely knows the struggle between quick simulating a match or playing it yourself. If you decide to quick sim a match, you're then helplessly exposed to EA's algorithm, and you have no influence on how your team really performs or on which substitutions the AI manager decides to make. To really have an influence on the match, you simply have to play the whole game yourself and spend about 15 valuable minutes on it. No one really uses the normal simulation, because it also takes too long and seems boring after a short time.

That's exactly what the Playable Highlights are supposed to change. You will be sent out on the pitch by EA for the crucial and game-deciding moments. No matter if these are offensively or defensively. By that, you can influence your team's performance and whether it can score the late game-winner or get the saving interception. You're simply part of the action, and you only have to spend a couple of minutes on each game. EA Sports will analyse both teams playing and will create a realistic course of the game. That means, you will have more attacks against opponents like Bournemouth or Aston Villa than against teams like Manchester City or Liverpool.

That's How Playable Highlights Will Change The Career Mode

The most obvious change is of course the added option, players have to complete a game. The Playable Highlights will probably gain relevance in the long run, because it will preserve the tension and the fun to play the game. After all, how often does it happen that, after a few seasons, you just want to skip to the next transfer window or to the end of the season, but you don't trust the AI manager to nominate the right starting eleven every matchday or to ensure your player gets the right development. That's where the Playable Highlights could come into play, to fulfil the individual aspect of the career mode save by being used in at least a few matches.

What do you think of the new Playable Highlights, and do you think that they will have a big influence on the career mode?