MOTM In FIFA 23: EA With Man of the Match Voting

Comeback for a familiar card type in FIFA 23: Inter Milan's Edin Dzeko has received the first MOTM of this FUT season. EA Sports seems to have introduced an important innovation for the Man of the Match cards, as we were able to vote him ourselves.

MOTM in FIFA 23: EA with voting for the Man of the Match. | © EA Sports

Man of the Match is back in FIFA Ultimate Team. We explain what the MOTM cards are all about in FIFA 23, show you who got one, and present the exciting change EA introduced this season: MOTM voting.

MOTM In FIFA 23: Edin Dzeko Gets First Man of the Match Card

On the occasion of the Supercoppa final in Italy (league champions versus cup winners from the previous year), EA Sports awarded the Man of the Match. Oldie Edin Dzeko is the first MOTM in FIFA 23. The 36-year-old scored in a comfortable 3-0 win between AC Milan and Inter Milan to help Inter win the Derby della Madonnina.

Not only was Inter able to defend the title in real life, but they also got another special card in FUT. The interesting thing about it: We were allowed to choose the MOTM ourselves! A really nice addition by EA Sports.

It is not yet clear whether the whole thing will remain a one-off action. Since EA Sports bought the naming rights to the cup (officially "EA Sports Supercup"), it could be a special voting that will not be continued for other competitions. However, we think that the publisher should do this on a regular basis, because selecting the MOTM yourself is much cooler than just having it thrown in your face by EA.

Keep an eye on the EA FIFA Twitter account to see the voting.

MOTM Are Upgrading OTW Cards

We doubt whether Dzeko is good enough in our teams with 71 pace up front (no, he is not, especially not when the TOTY hits FIFA 23). But the MOTM cards also affect other cards in FUT. The Ones to Watch (OTW) players, for example, can get upgrades with MOTMs.

While Dzeko doesn't have one of these, EA will certainly look to award an OTW player throughout the season in order to upgrade them.

In addition, the Headliners have also been upgraded by MOTMs, but it is questionable whether the promo will be included in FIFA 23 at all. Either way: EarlyGame says congratulations to Inter, who more than deserved the cup with their outstanding performance!

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