FIFA 22: EA Heightens Probability of Premium Gold FUT-Packs

FUT Packs offer suspense in FIFA 22. Am I going to pull garbage or will I be getting Mdappé? We'll let you know how good your chances are of pulling a top player from a pack.

FIFA 22 Wahrscheinlichkeiten Walkout FUT Packs
What are your chances at getting a Walkout? | © Fifplay/EarlyGame

Who doesn't know the thrill and anticipation right before opening a brand new pack? Everything first seems completely normal, but then, holy moly this is a walkout!

Sadly, we often end up with empty pockets. Sure, you can use the losers for SBC-fodder, but let's be honest; we'd much rather have Kylian Mbappé instead of some 75+ player for the hundred thousandth time.

This makes us wonder, just how high our chances for a player with a rating of 84 OVR is? Don't worry we've got the answer right here.

In comparison to FIFA 21 your chances of getting a decent player have actually increased. So that's good news at least:

  • Chance of obtaining an 84+ Player in Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 21: 4.2 % (01.10.2020)
  • Chance of obtaining an 84+ Player in Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 22: 7.7 % (01.10.2021)

If you've still got some FIFA points leftover we still think you should spend those wisely. Sure, the rate of getting an 84+ player has improved to 7.7, the probability of getting one is still pretty bad.

Probability in a Premium Gold Pack Heightened

EA has actually improved the probability of the Premium Gold Pack! Seriously, who would have thought that EA is this generous!

  • Chance of obtaining an 84+ Player in Premium Gold Pack in FIFA 22: 8,3 % (22.10.2021)
Wie hoch ist die wahrscheinlichkeit einen walkout zu ziehen fifa
Heightened chances in the Premium Gold Pack | © EA Sports

The Premium Gold Pack costs 7500 Coins in the FUT Shop. You can also check the distribution of the probability rates in the game. Just go onto the pack and press on the righ stick of your controller.

The chances of ending up with an 84+ player have risen, but EA still seems somewhat reluctant when it comes to special cards. The RTTK-player and also the OTW-stars are sprinkled in, but your chances of getting any of those are less than 1%. RIP.

What Chances Are There of Obtaining a Walkout?

If you're wondering what we're talking about, don't worry. A walkout simply refers to a player that has an 86 OVR. He doesn't just appear like any other card though. EA adds in some fancy animations and you'll see the player walk into the stadium. If you're extremely lucky and land a player with an 88 OVR then there are even different walkout animations from the 86- and 87 rated players.

Currently, the probability of witnessing a walkout in FIFA 22 with a Premium Gold Player Pack sits at 8.3%. This means if you pull 100 FUT-packs you'll get around 8 walkouts.

I don't know about you guys but it seems far less than that. The chance to get RTTK-Champions-League-Cards is also better. So when it comes to any FUT-Events keep an eye on the probabilities before blindly spending money!

FIFA 22 Premium Gold Pack Wahrscheinlichkeiten
Are you pulling a Walkout? | © EA Sports

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you on your next pack opening and hope that you get a nice player! Dani Prejo for example! Okay no, that was a joke. We all know you're thirsting after Kylian Mbappé... or even better an epic icon.