20-0: Liverpool Star Plays The Perfect Weekend League

It's pretty well-known that some football pros also play video games like FIFA 23. But now, a very popular Liverpool player has showcased his skills on the virtual pitch and played the perfect FUT Champions Finals.

Diogo Jota WL
Diogo Jota just got a 20-0 in the Weekend League! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

Whilst Liverpool isn't performing well in the Premier League at the moment, some players still play their virtual football games, like FIFA 23 and seem to be quite decent at it – better than their performances in real life. Nunez' OTW card still didn't get the win upgrade, but at least Konaté's RTTK card is on a good way. Let's have a look at another LFC player who could actually consider a career in FIFA esports.

Diogo Jota Goes 20-0

The Portuguese attacker currently contributed five assists and zero goals in Liverpool's mediocre Premier League and UCL seasons combined. Well, he's been injured for the majority of the Premier League matches and only played four so far. On the virtual pitch, his performances seem to be far better, as he went 20-0 in the last FUT Champions Finals campaign and played the perfect Weekend League.

It hasn't been the first time the former Wolves player has thrashed his opponents in the Weekend League. Back in 2021 he also played a nearly perfect FUT Champs campaign and people started to consider him an esports pro. More and more footballers are playing video games regularly and are also livestreaming it, getting the viewers' and also the publishers' attention. Neymar and Pogba will even be featured in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Diogo Jota Esports

Diogo Jota himself even has his own FIFA esports team with the creative name Diogo Jota Esports. He doesn't compete in tournaments himself, but who knows, he might become an esports star once he ends his professional football career.