How To Score Every Power Shot In FIFA 23

EA Sports introduces a new shot mechanic into FIFA nearly every single year. This year, we got the new Power Shots. Usually, they take an eternity from you pressing the button to your player actually shooting the ball. We show you a way to improve your Power Shots, so you will score a lot more goals in FUT.

How to score Power Shots in FIFA 23
With this method you will score nearly every Power Shot in FIFA 23! | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

There were a lot of OP ways to score goals with a newly introduced game mechanic in past FIFAs. Let's just think about the low driven shots, or Timed Finishing. This year EA Sports have introduced the Power Shots, which are, like the name already suggests, extremely powerful shots.

If you get your shot on goal, they're most likely to go in, but getting a shot off without it getting blocked and also hitting the target is the hardest part of the new shots. We have a way how you can improve your Power Shots and score lots of goals in FUT Champions.

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Power Shots In FIFA 23

As you will probably already know, the Power Shots can be executed by pressing R1+L1 and the shot button on PlayStation or LB+RB on Xbox. We've all tried to perform a Low Driven Shot and accidentally performed a Power Shot, because we still know this combination from last years.

By the way, if you want to perform a Low Driven Shot in FIFA 23, you simply have to load the shot power of the standard shot up to a maximum of 25% or 1 bar. Just try it out in the arena.

How To Score Nearly Every Power Shot

In FIFA 23, what's problematic is that your players take an eternity to actually shoot the ball when you try to score a Power Shot. Now we found a way to get the Power Shots off quicker.

To score a Power Shot quicker, you don't even have to make a Power Shot – at least initially. Simply press your shot button like you'd do on a normal shot. Then, just before the player strikes the ball and the animation has already started, you have to press your other two buttons (R1+L1 on PlayStation and LB+RB on Xbox). Your player should perform a shot with the power of a Power Shot, but it only takes the time a normal shot would usually do. If you really master it, it might be a good option to use if you play your corners short.

It really takes some time to get the timing spot on. If you press the shoulder buttons too early, your player performs a regular and sloooooooooow Power Shot. If you press them too late, it will turn out to be a normal shot. And on top of all of that, you have to aim yourself.

Maybe you should turn on the FIFA Trainer in the controller settings for a few matches and train the new Power Shot method.

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