Three Reasons Why The FUT Centurions Are Simply Bad

The Centurions really won't go down as the best promo in Ultimate Team. In this article, we'll take a neutral and detached look at this really superfluous promo.

FIFA 23 Centurions
The promo has a few nice cards, if we have to say something positive. | © EA / EarlyGame

This promo was neither well-thought-out nor well-executed. Clearly, they were releasing the promo just to keep us occupied until the Team of the Year was released.

In fact, you're probably thinking to yourself, "really? Could they only think of 3 reasons why the promo sucked?". But we decided to limit ourselves to three because otherwise this article would go on endlessly. Thank god The Team of the Year is just around the corner...

Three Reasons Why FUT Centurions Are So Disappointing

The basic idea of FUT Centurions is actually quite cool. The name comes from the Roman Empire, for those who are interested. A Centuria is a legion with a power of 100 soldiers. Hence, the fancy card designs.

The promo revolves around the number 100, which is then implemented in-game in such a way that deserving players who have cracked the milestone of 100 games, goals or whatever, get a special card. Sounds cool, doesn't it? It's not.

Reason 1: Implementation

The promo seems poorly prepared. Not only the timing, being released just before the TOTY, but also the whole concept, which is just not that intuitive. Players who have reached 100 milestones get a Centurions card, sure. But, honestly, most players have no idea which milestones they need to beat.

Take the 100 games over three seasons challenge? That would apply to virtually everyone. Jamal Musiala has over 100 games, to name one example.

Reason 2: Wrong Stats

The wrong pace stats were shown at the beginning of this Promo. EA simply released players with different stats than the ones on the card. With Florian Neuhaus, Maximilian Arnold, Presnel Kimpembe, Alessandro Bastoni, James Milner, Jordi Alba, Jamie Vardy and Trend Alexander Arnold the values were simply wrong. For example, the card said 86 pace, although Alexander-Arnold has 90 pace. GG EA, really cool. At least the players look correct in the game.

PSA: Some Centurion player stats are better than they look, e.g. Trent *should* have 90 pace, but listed at 86! from FIFA

Reason 3: Copy & Paste

These players look familiar to us. No joke, last year they were simply the same players. Joaquín, Marco Reus, Fabio Quagliarella, Ben Yedder, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Christian Günter and Dušan Tadić were all in FUT Captains Promo last year.

How uncreative do you want to be in an uncreative promo? EA: YES.

Instead of giving us a cool promo, EA gives away a lot of potential here, at least we think so. A little better timing, a little more preparation, and we would have a really nice promo. And honestly, the card design is really fancy.

Sure, there are a few good cards in the Centurions team, such as Zlatan Ibrahimović, but overall this was a really superfluous promo.

Maybe the Centurions will be better implemented with EA Sports FC:

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