Dragon Ball x Fortnite Collab Will Have Four Skins Leak Suggests

Ever since the Dragon Ball x Fortnite crossover was leaked, fans have been speculating over characters that could make an appearance in the battle royale.

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Goku is definitely a lock. I ©TOEI Animation

With the previous Naruto collaborations, the first anime skins that made it into the game, cosmetics came in a batch of four. The first featured heroes included the titular character himself, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi.

The second wave of skins included Orochimaru, Gaara, Itachi, and Hinata. With this in mind, fans concluded that the forthcoming Dragon Ball crossover would follow the same pattern; now, insider and reliable leaker HYPEX has confirmed said theories.

Via his official Twitter, HYPEX shared information conveyed by another source, confirming that Dragon Ball fans can expect up to four skins to feature at some point in the Fortnite in-game shop.

HYPEX also was the first to reveal that a Capsule Corp item had been spotted in the Fortnite game files, being accessible in certain creative modes. The resemblance is uncanny – unless it was a highly impressive work of editing, it became a matter of when not if Epic Games was planning a crossover with perhaps the biggest anime IP in the world.

Now that the number of skins coming is practically confirmed, Dragon Ball fans have moved to the next stage of hype: trying to figure out which characters will make it into Fortnite and praying it's their favorite!

Personally, we've already put a list of decent candidates that would make fantastic additions to the battle royale. Some are almost certain to become skins, such as Goku and Vegeta, others are more up in the air – Will they go for a Gohan skin with a Great Saiyaman style? Maybe Bulma in her different stages throughout the anime? What about Mr. Satan just for fun? The possibilities are endless.

You can see our picks down below and either agree or roast us for the Dragon Ball characters we believe will make into Fortnite.

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