Fortnite Resistance Week 4 Mission: Transmit Data to the Drone

The Fortnite Resistance "Week 4" quests are here, and the 2nd phase of the 2nd quest requires you to transmit data to the drone. We'll show you where to find the drones.

Fortnite drone locations
Next step against IO. | © Epic Games

We have arrived at the second Resistance quest of week 4. By now we've already gained a bunch of XP, but we want more! Today we'll explain to you how to complete the 2nd phase of the 2nd Resistance "Week 4" quest: Transmit Data to the Drone.

If you want to complete this quest, you must first complete the other Resistance Challenges from Week 4. After you've done them, it's time to get started.

All Drone Locations in Fortnite

To complete this Fortnite quest, you need to know where the drones are. There are six of them on the Fortnite map. Each one is located at a Seven Outpost.

Fortnite Drohnen Locations
Here you can find the Drones. | © Epic Games

You just need to interact with a Drone to complete the mission, but to make it easier for you, here are the exact locations for you.

1. Greasy Grove Outpost

The first Outpost location is to the southwest of Greasy Grove. The drone hovers on the southern edge of the outpost – outside the building on the hill.

2. Logjam Lumberyard Outpost

If you visit the Seven's Outpost north of Logjam Lumberyard on the mountain, you will find the drone on the east side of the building.

3. The Daily Burgle Outpost

The third Seven Outpost is located northeast of The Daily Burgle. Go behind the most northern building of this area, and you will find the drone.

4. Condo Canyon Outpost

The next drone you can find at the outpost south of Condo Canyon. Again, the drone hovers behind the most northern building of the outpost.

5. Command Cavern Outpost

The next drone is at the outpost west of the Command Cavern and is outside the one-story building.

6. Sanctuary Outpost

You will find the last outpost on the most southern island in the east of Sanctuary. The drone is located on the top of the turret. To reach it, you have to climb it by sprinting and jumping at the right moment. Or you can simply build yourself up.

Now interact with the drone and the challenge is complete. Afterwards, you'll receive 23 000 XP, which you can use to unlock skins from the Battle Pass, it's worth it. Good luck!