NRG Esports Says Goodbye To Fortnite

The next sad news for Fortnite Competitive: NRG is saying goodbye to the Battle Royale as the fourth major org and with it pros like Clix, Benjyfish, Zayt and more.

NRG leaving fortnite
NRG announces the departure of Fortnite. | © NRG

What's up with Fortnite Competitive? Just a few weeks ago we received the sad news that Become Legends, Team Vitality and Sentinels have withdrawn from Fortnite. And now NRG Esports, one of the largest and most successful esports organizations around, has also announced its retirement from the Fortnite scene. This news comes as a shock to many Fortnite fans as NRG has brought out some of the best Fortnite players ever, marking the end of another era.

NRG Say Goodbye To Fortnite

NRG Esports has been around since 2015 and is one of the most well-known esports organizations in the world. Partly because of their insane Fortnite squad, which consisted of some of the best Fortnite players ever, including big names like "Zayt", "Clix" and "Benjyfishy".

However, NRG's success in Fortnite wasn't just limited to the player roster. The organization has also been a major player in Fortnite events and tournaments, often hosting its own events and partnering with other organizations to bring exciting content to the Fortnite community.

Sadly, on February 3rd, NRG Executive Producer Grady Rains announced the unexpected exit of the Org from Fortnite in an emotional video.

NRG's exit from Fortnite is sure to leave a void in the competitive scene, as organization has been an integral part of the game since the battle royale's release.

Like the other orgs, the team leaves the game due to lack of support. With the exit from Fortnite, NRG may want to focus its resources on games with a larger player base and more potential for growth.

In summary, NRG's withdrawal from the Fortnite scene is a huge loss to the game and its community. And it's anyone's guess how the competitive Fortnite scene will evolve now that the game's biggest orgs have left the battle royale.