Developers Of Spyro Reignited Trilogy Hint At New Game Coming In 2023

A recent Tweet was put out by the developers of the most recent Spyro game, and it seems to hint at some kind of comeback for the franchise this year.

Spyro reignited
Will 2023 see the return of Spyro? We sure hope so! | © Toys for Bob

2023 is going to be a crazy year in gaming, and it's starting early with the Xbox January Showcase, followed by the release of Hogwarts Legacy. But you know what else 2023 is? The 25th anniversary of Spyro. And it seems that to celebrate the occassion, we might be seeing some kind of comeback for the franchise...

Devs Hint At New Spyro Project In 2023

The developer of Spyro Reignited and Crash Bandicoot 4 recently shared a Tweet saying "Big moves and BIG MOOD for 2023 #LifeatTFB" along with a collage of different projects they were working on, which included a picture of Spyro. Now Spyro the Dragon was originally release in 1998, so 2023 is also the 25th anniversary of the franchise, which is perfect for any hypothetical reboot or remake.

Here is the Tweet from Toys for Bob:

That's all we have to go on for now, so to be honest with you, we can't guarantee it really means anything. But that hasn't stopped fans from making hopeful assumptions, and we too would be thrilled to see some kind of Spyro comeback. Let's just hope they take the remake approach like Ubisoft are with Splinter Cell, though, and not just a cash-grab port of the old games like the GTA Trilogy.

Do you want Spyro to make a comeback? Or do you prefer seeing developers work on new IPs? By the way, if you're just looking to get some Spyro back in your life you can buy the most recent Spyro game here.

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