Apex Legends: How to Unlock Free Skins This Holiday

We all have a lot of time to play Apex Legends at Christmas. And we like to play with cool skins. However, these usually cost money. But there are a few free skins in Apex Legends, and we'll show you, how to get them.

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How to unlock Free Skins in Apex Legends | © EA

Across the coming week, you can earn new backgrounds, charms and skins for Apex Legends. You only need time to unlock them. And of course you have time for something so important. We'll show you, what you have to do.

How To Unlock Free Skins In Apex Legends

You don't have to do much to unlock the skins. Actually, all you have to do is start the stream. Just let it run in the backgroound, that's what I always do. Between December 26 and December 30, 2022, you can earn three in-game rewards. To unlock the loading screen, you have to watch one hour. After two hours, you get the gun charms and after three hours watching the stream, you get the weapon and character skin.

In order for the Twitch Drops to appear on your Apex account, you must link the EA and the Twitch accounts. If you're connected, you can watch any Apex Legends stream for three hours each day to earn the rewards.

We say nice and simply let the stream run, which is definitely doable. But keep an eye on your notifications on Twitch to accept your drops and add them to your Apex Legends account, so you can then equip them in-game.

If you want to invest your Christmas money in new PS5 accessoires.

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