Avada Cat-Avra: Hogwarts Legacy Cat Gets Oneshot Ability To Kill Attacking Players

The developers of the Hogwarts Legacy game showed us what could happen if you wanted to "pet" a cat that might not like it.

Hogwarts legacy cats
Avada Cat-Avra! | © Warner Bros

By far the most stunning feature of Hogwarts Legacy is the recreation of the titular location, which is clearly inspired by both the movies and books, and has been accurately mapped down to the smallest detail.
You can spin globes scattered throughout the castle, eat from snacks resting in a bowl or sip tea. And while you'll find more than a few magical beasts in the area, you may also encounter ordinary animals such as chickens, owls and cats.

However, this game has a few faults, and one of the many things we can't quite understand is why, when interacting with a cat in Hogwarts Legacy, you can attack them? They may not take any damage, but the developers of the magical game decided to create a mechanic that would slightly surprise the one who bullies a poor kitty!

Cats Can Be Quite Dangerous Too!

The developers so showed us a short visualization of their concept of defending cats.

The player character attacks the cat with a basic cast, the cat blocks it with the Protego skill, then is hit with a devastating Avada Kedavra spell - that is, a deadly curse. Looks pretty dangerous!

Will Dangerous Cats Be In Hogwarts Legacy?

As much as fans would love a given mechanic in the game, it is unlikely to happen. But we have to admit that the idea is great!

And have you ever been oneshotted in a game by a cat?

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