BioShock Creator's New Game "Judas" Release Window Revealed

At the Game Awards 2022 we finally got to see what the creator of BioShock, Ken Levine, has been working on. Judas is his next big game and now some more information regarding a release window has been revealed.

Judas Game Reveal
We can't wait for this game! | © Ghost Story Games

At the Game Awards 2022 we finally got a glimpse of Ghost Story Game's game "Judas". We didn't get too much information on gameplay, nor on a release during the stream, but it seems that more information has been revealed by Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick.

When can you expect this new game and what other information has been revealed surrounding BioShock creator, Ken Levine's, next big project in the gaming world.

Judas: Take-Two CEO Reveals Release Window Of Game

So, where did the information regarding the release window of Judas come from? Well, according to IGN, who looked through Take-Two's quarterly earnings report, Judas, along with 87 other games are planned for release by March 2025.

Let's just hope Judas doesn't turn out like this...

IGN asked Zelnick if in those 87 games Judas was included and the CEO stated that it was included. Now, if Judas is being developed by Ghost Story Games, why does IGN have to talk to the CEO of Take-Two? Well, Ghost Story Games is a studio owned by Take-Two.

Now, it seems like Judas is going to be released by March 2025. Zelnick did acknowledge that delays could happen, but he seems confident that the game should be released according to plan and as scheduled.

We did have some slippage in the last few years We feel really stable right now. I feel great about our upcoming schedule. Of course there's always the possibility of some slippage but the teams seem to be functioning really well and I'm optimistic about delivering great titles to the marketplace on an ongoing basis

More information hasn't been revealed yet, but if you're hyped for this game you'll have to wait another two years it seems before you can get it in your hands. Until then you'll just have to play some Hogwarts Legacy.

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