Borderlands 3 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Borderlands 3 is apparently coming to Nintendo Switch, as signs of a port have been spotted online.

Borderlands 3 Logo
Borderlands 3 is heading to the Nintendo Switch. | © 2K

Borderlands 3 looks set to come to Nintendo Switch. The looter-shooter originally came out in 2019, with Next-Gen versions following a year later. Now it seems like we will even get a Switch version, as the game has been rated for Nintendo's portable console.

The European ratings board PEGI has released a new age-rating for a Nintendo Switch version of Borderlands 3. The game is not yet on the console, and this version hasn't been announced yet by publisher 2K Games or developer Gearbox Software.

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It probably won't take too long then, until this new port comes out. PEGI has put down a release date of December 1, but as of writing, there still isn't any official announcement on this. Don't wory though, we're sure it will be here soon.

How good will that port be, though? Everyone knows about the ups and downs of the Nintendo Switch. It's a great, unique console, but the power in that little thing is pretty wack. Most games that are bigger or graphically intense don't come to the console and even exclusives run like dreck. We're interested to see how Borderlands 3 will look on the Switch then, or if a potential cloud version can save the day.

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