Celebrating Fan Culture

It’s because of you – the fans, that live streaming is as big as it is now. Cheers to that!

Cosplay girl
Cosplay as fan culture | © Pexels/Huynh Van

People love sharing the things that excite them, wanting to share the joy with others. And no matter what aspect of pop culture (whether it’s books, cinema, music bands, sports teams or public figures), they love to show who they are rooting for. To talk psychology, this behavior can be explained with the need to show who one is. To express one’s identity, passion, to feel a certain social connection with other like-minded people and to be part of something great!

FANDOM on a whole new level

While the first input was brought through print and pictures, which was quickly followed by video, a new era has now arrived - the era of live streaming. With the advancement of modern technology in broadcasting, fandom has reached a whole new level of connection and ways to participate. More people can be reached. Remote interaction is possible. And the whole thing is live, i.e., in real time! Fans hang out on Twitch or other platforms, follow, double-tap, comment, save, share and enjoy a show of their favorite streamer, together. And so, the online community has grown into one of the biggest globally, welcoming and sending hearts to everyone out there!

Pexels Esports is for you
Fanculture is Gaming | © Pexels/RodnaeProductions

Fans are the foundation of the online community. They support the streamers, who provide the entertainment. Stars feel closer, as there’s finally the opportunity to directly engage with them. And with the new opportunities opening up, FANBLOC.GG believes there are huge potentials that can be capitalized on. That it’s time to advance to the next level!

The Future: A Win-Win

Until now, streamers provide the entertainment and in return can monetize engagement. And fans don’t ask for much – just happy to be here and to be able to enjoy the show! But this is not the moment to stop! Now it’s time to give back to the loyal supporters and reward the fan culture that keeps everything alive.

The team members behind FANBLOC.GG are not just some gamers but also big believers of the next level of streamer x fan engagement. They’ve been working on solutions that will benefit both streamer and even more importantly, the fan. Their goal is to create opportunities that add even more value for being a fan – to enjoy more than the show itself! Streamers on the other hand have new innovative potentials to discover opportunities for fan engagement! FANBLOC.GG is here to reward both: Streamers and fans! Because the future of live streaming is a win for everyone!

Pexels Esports celebration
Esports is a celebration of gameplay | © Pexels/RodnaeProductions

This truly calls for celebration, as one thing is for sure: The developments promise a whole new streaming experience is on the way! And why not celebrate with your favorite streamer? Gain access to special bonuses, interesting partnerships are waiting and get rewarded for what you love!

Exciting news are just waiting to be announced! Join in now on Discord, so you don’t miss out!