Destiny Goes Esports: New, Competitive Destiny Game

While the first Destiny definitely had its issues, Destiny 2 is going strong, and now it seems the game is looking towards the competitive scene.

Competitive destiny pvp game
Honestly, Destiny has some beautiful artwork. | © Bungie

It's funny how things change, isn't it. For the longest time, Halo was the shooter game, and now the game is dead-er than Battlefield. Meanwhile, the 'new' IP which originated from Halo masterminds and had a rough start, is one of the more popular games these days: Destiny 2. Now, for some reason, Destiny 2 wants to switch up its formula and release a PvP only game. Why? I'll never understand, but I do have the details for you.

Destiny Competitive PvP Game in the Works

As is often the case these days, the news were 'leaked' through a job listing: Bungie are looking for a Senior Concept Artist that will work on a "wide range of game elements like guns, characters, armors, vehicles, environments, and other seasonal art needs".

The listing then goes into detail to note that this developer will push the aesthetics of the Destiny universe, which is why we can be confident that the game in question will be a new Destiny, while the portion of the job listing that reads "experience with and love of competitive games", tips us off that the game will be competitive in its nature.

Is this a good move for Bungie? Sure, the esports scene is profitable, but lately multiplayer shooters have been dropping like flies - look no further than Battlefield and Halo. Still, anything to bring some solid competition to the market, or, specifically, to create some competition for Call of Duty and Fortnite, so in that regard... this news is exciting.