Destiny Mobile Game Is In The Works

Bungie and NetEase are working together to bring Destiny to the palm of our hands as a mobile game. What makes us say this though?

Destiny Bungie
Will Destiny mobile look this good? | © Bungie

Bungie is known for it's games Halo and Destiny, while NetEase, who invested $100 million in Bungie back in 2018, are known for their mobile games. Earlier this year they worked together with Blizzard to create Diablo Immortal for mobile and PC.

With these two companies working together, many fans thought that the next Bungie AAA game was in the works, but it seems there is a whole different market on the agenda for Bungie, which is the mobile games market.

NetEase Working on Destiny Mobile Shooter

What makes everyone think though that Bungie and NetEase are working together on a mobile game? Well, as mentioned, at first everyone thought that they were working on a AAA game after The Game Post found job postings for a game featuring "lighthearted and whimsical characters" back in 2020.

It seems like we've all been bamboozled, because a source told The Game Post that the Chinese company is actually working on a shooter project for mobile. Specifically a Destiny shooter for mobile.

The Game House reported that the game has been in development for well over two years already. Also, this game will not be related to the current title Destiny 2.

Bungie Working on Mobile Game Engine

Not only is Bungie developing a mobile game for one of their most beloved games, but it seems they're going to take it a step further by developing their own mobile game engine. This is done to reach players on iOS and Android according to The Game House.

Having teamed up with NetEase will give Bungie insights into the mobile market they did not have before, thus enabling them to further their reach and gain a larger following than they had before.

[NetEase has] a significant amount of experience in mobile we [Bungie] don’t have” and that this partnership will allow them to “incubate new ideas"

So, will you be going out and playing this new mobile game from both Bungie and NetEase? Or do you think this is going to have as much pushback as Diablo Immortal with it's pay-to-win feel? Hopefully NetEase learns from Diablo Immortal, but with the teams having worked on this for over two years, it should be a well thought out game.

But we all know that every single mobile game these days is filled with microtransactions, the important part to think over is how to integrate them properly so they don't jar players. Well, nothing is confirmed yet, so we will have to wait to find out.