Dead Island 2: How To Get The Goat Pen Master Keys

In Dead Island 2 there are again some cool weapons, items or blueprints to discover. But there are these annoying, locked doors all the time, which are messing up your adventure? Don't worry, in this little guide we'll show you the easiest way to get to one of said blueprints in no time.

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Find out how to get the Goat Pen Master Keys in Dead Island 2. | © Deep Silver

And what blueprint are we looking for this time? Relatively far into the game, there is a set of instructions for a cool new weapon. Unfortunately, it is locked behind a door, and where is the key for said door? That's right, behind another locked door! Don't worry, we got you covered!

Dead Island 2: How To Get The Goat Pen Master Keys

To get to the Blueprint, we have to find an alternative way into the room. In this room, we will then find the key to the Blueprint door, but also to the door we just bypassed. Leaving the room should not be an issue anymore with that key.

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As you move through Bel Air, keep your eyes wide open for a large, white house. A good indicator that you've found the right one is the excessive amount of Supercars parked in the backyard. Once you made it to the back, head up the stairs and follow the path to the left. You will find yourself having a great view over a rooftop patio when you reached the second floor.

Dead Island 2 Goat Pen Master Keys
This is the house you need to find in order to find the keys. | © Deep Silver

After a quick look around on the second floor, you should find an edge where you can look down at a lower level of the house. You can see some huge windows from up there? Then that's the spot! Behind the window, you can directly look into the locked room! You can jump off the edge and smash the windows without any problems. When you enter the room in that way, an alarm will go off. Just hit the device that is making the annoying sound and destroy it.

You should probably get your weapons out at this point, since a lot of zombies will come at you after making so loud noises. After the room is clear, you can head to the keys and get your blueprint!

Key location
Here you can find the key we are looking for! | © Deep Silver

And that's it! — That wasn't even that hard, right?

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