Dead Space Remake: How To Get The Secret Alternate Ending

The Dead Space remake has a secret ending and we will tell you all about it including everything you need to do to get the new ending and an explanation on what is actually going on there.

Dead Space Remake Release Date Leaked
Dead Space Remake secret ending: how to get it and what it is. | © EA

It's been a while, but we are finally playing a new Dead Space game again. The remake of the iconic alien gorefest is now officially out. And while this new version sticks close to the original, there are some significant changes. The most important one probably being the new secret ending.

Yes baby, there's a new ending. And it's f-ed up. But we'll talk about that later. First, we will show you what you need to do to unlock the ending. There's quite a lot that needs to be done, but thankfully it's not too complicated.

Dead Space Remake: Secret Ending In New Game+

The developers confirmed ahead of release that the new alternate ending is part of New Game+. That means, that you will have to first play through the entire game and then start a new run in New Game+ to get the fantastic new ending.

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As usual, New Game+ means you will start this run with all of your upgraded gear. Neat! You will get it at the first shop you encounter after the intro. You will need to find the modules for Stasis and Kinesis in their usual, story-determined spots. But that's ok, they appear fairly early on.

Dead Space Remake Action Gameplay
Looks like... ARMageddon... sorry. | © EA

Before you just speedrun through the game though, be aware of one other requirement you need to fulfill to get the secret ending: You'll need to find 12 Marker fragments, which are hidden throughout the game in New Game+.

Each chapter has one fragment each, except for Chapter 5 where you'll find two fragments. Here's a great video guide on how to find all Marker fragments:

Once you got all the bad boys, head over to the Crew Quarters and find Captain Mathius' room on the third floor. Here you'll find a very creepy shrine. In the main game, you couldn't really do anything in this room, in New Game+ you can place the Marker fragments on that shrine.

Once you've done that, finish the game like you normally would to unlock the ending.

Dead Space Secret Ending Teases Sequel


This ending is completely new and wild af. In this alternate ending, you see that Isaac Clarke has lost his marbles. He has hallucinations of Nicole and talks to her, while grinning creepily.

Dead Space Remake secret ending
That goddamn smile of his... | © EA

He promises Nicole that they will go home, but not before he hasn't built "a little something first", which Nicole, who at this point is dead btw, in case you needed a reminder, would like. This very strongly suggests that Isaac is building a new Marker, possibly the one that's wreaking havoc in Dead Space 2.

In the original games, the sequel was set three years after the first game, without explaining what happened during that time. This new ending seems to set up a remake of Dead Space 2, as it ties the stories together much more neatly and coherently.

Let's hope a sequel remake actually happens, as this one was amazing. And this last tease at the end really emphasizes, that EA Motive knows how to handle this iconic franchise and how you can tell the story even more strongly.