Finally! Bioware Update Fans On Dragon Age 4 Release Window

We just got an official update on Dragon Age Dreadwolf's development. The game is coming along nicely, but release is still a long way away.

Dragon Age Dreadwolf Release Window
We finally have details regarding the release of Dragon Age Dreadwolf. | © EA

We finally have some official info on Dragon Age: Dreadwolf (which is the fourth game in the franchise, and not to be mistaken with the Netflix Dragon Age show). We did get some leaks about the game recently, and those leaks made the game sound awesome, but it's a relief to be able to give you something straight from the source.

Bioware have told us how development of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is going, and they even opened up about their release window plans.

  • If you're dying from impatience waiting for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, try the novels.

Dragon Age 4 Release Window

In a recent dev blog, the team at Bioware revealed that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf will not be coming out this year. But, there is some good news, apparently "we’ll be talking more about the game later this year", so make of that what you will.

Per the recent blog:

While the game won’t be releasing this year, we’re growing closer to that next adventure. Rest assured, Solas is placing his pieces on the board as we speak. That’s all we have for now, but we hope knowing the official title has sparked some intrigue, as we’ll be talking more about the game later this year!

Sorry, we know you would rather get the game soon, but at least this way they can guarantee quality.

Will you be watching the Dragon Age Netflix show until Dreadwolf is released? Or maybe Baldur's Gate 3 will scratch that itch?

Here's what we know so far about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf:

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