Elden Ring DLC: Secret Update Teases New Content

Updates to Elden Ring's playtest servers indicate that new content could be coming soon.

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Neue Hinweise wurden entdeckt für den Elden Ring DLC wurden on | © FromSoftware

New rumblings about a possible Elden Ring DLC have bubbled up from within the community. One of the game's playtest servers has been updated for the first time in months. The last time this happened, new content was added to the game shortly afterward. Could this mean that new DLC is imminent?

Elden Ring Update Possibly Hints Towards DLC

Some Elden Ring fans have noticed, that one of the game's playtest branches has been updated on January 30. So far, there has been a pattern where every update to this particular branch has come just ahead of a major patch which introduced new content to the game, like the Colosseum DLC.

Does this mean that the much-anticipated big Elden Ring add-on that we're all waiting for could be coming soon? Still seems unlikely, but we will get something. And it will most likely be something related to online-play, as the previous updates have also foreshadowed online-related content updates.

The most common theory right now involves a possible boss rush mode. There is no official word on it yet, but insiders like Lance McDonald have talked about a mode like this coming to the game. We would love that, but come on FromSoft... gimme that big story DLC!

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