Free Elden Ring Colosseum Update Brings New Content To The Game

The free Colosseum update for Elden Ring solves an old mystery and introduces new content to the game, including a brand-new PvP mode.

Elden Ring free colosseum update
Elden Ring's free Colosseum update will introduce a new PvP mode to the game. | © Bandai Namco

It's finally happening: the Colosseum update for Elden Ring is coming. Fans have been waiting since release for the various Colosseums in The Lands Between to open up, and it will finally happen on December 7. And the best thing: the update will be free! Praise the Elden Ring!

Elden Ring Colosseums Will Finally Open Their Doors

The free Colosseum update is coming to the game on December 7. The official Elden Ring Twitter account posted this jolly news and included a fun little trailer. In the video, you see a group of Tarnished opening one of the Colosseums, which have been in the game since day one, but have stayed closed – until now.

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As the trailer reveals, the Colosseums will function as arenas for PvP. You will even be able to do "duels, free-for-alls and team fights", and it all looks amazing. Check out the trailer for the free update and the Colosseum PvP fights here:

That the Colosseums would eventually be opened up and probably feature some form of PvP has been speculated for a long time. It's good to see this theory come true, and we can't wait to "fight for glory" in these new arenas. Developer FromSoftware hasn't revealed any more info on this new form of PvP yet, so we're excited to see, if it will come a ranking system or something like that. This has also been suggested by dataminers before.

Well, we will find out very soon. I guess it's time to dust off my old save file and get back to The Lands Between...

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