Elden Ring Streamer Uses Her Brainpower To Beat The Game

Elden Ring is one of the most challenging games in recent years, and many streamers had a hard time with it. In the meantime, however, there have been a bunch of players who have shown us in just how many ways you can beat the game. The following streamer took it to the extreme, though.

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Not even Elden Ring's hardest boss could stand a chance. | © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

By now, there have already been a bunch of streamers who have managed to play through Elden Ring. And even the craziest challenges have been defeated, but one woman took the song “Brain Power” a bit too serious and beats the game in a legendary run live on Twitch.

This Elden Ring Run Is Literally Mind Over Body

After an endless number of failed attempts, perrikaryal finally did it: she played through Elden Ring with mind control. Since the beginning of this year, a streamer called perrikaryal draws a lot of attention for her mind-blowing idea on how to beat Elden Ring. Not that the game is difficult enough anyway, she decided to bring it to the next level.

Equipped with an EEG on her head, she is fighting her way through the Lands Between. Despite a bumpy start, she managed to get used to this weird kind of control set she was using.

It is so interesting to watch her Power Meter go up and down when she is attacking or healing her character. While watching the stream, it is easy to notice that she does use a standard controller as well, but only for movement purposes. When to hit or to heal, is purely determined by her mind, and it took her a lot of training to achieve these unbelievable results!

Perrikaryal Is Putting Her Mind To The Test

Maybe we should take a closer look at perrikaryal and her techniques. Perri is a streamer on Twitch who is living in the UK. She has a Master's degree in Psychology and is particularly interested in Electroencephalograms: EEG. This device is normally used to detect brain disorders like Epilepsy, but she made use of it in a completely different way.

By picking on electrical activity from her brain via the sensors attached all over her head, she can train the EEG to recognize certain brain patterns and transform them into actions within the game. Truly fascinating! She explained that: the “EEG isn't very good at placing where signals are coming from”, but she later found out that the device is excellent at noticing WHEN the needed signals are happening. This allows her to trigger her attacks or heals with her mind only.

Perri claims that she had a lot of training to do over the last few weeks to make her experiment work, but in the end she did it!

  • Want to give it a try as well? Then check out Elden Ring for yourself, but we recommend using a normal controller!

She describes that there were numerous times when the EEG didn't want to do things her way at all and felt like her “brain is broken”. She figured out that in order for her character to attack, she had to imagine “pushing something heavy forwards”.

And also for the future, she seems to have quite a few plans with her new toy. Someday, she would like to be able to play games without using her hands at all.

We are extremely excited to see what her next project will be and how she progresses even further in her unique researches. Hopefully she will take us along on her journey! We will let you know about her next moves as soon as possible!

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