Elder Scrolls VI: Release Date, Latest News & Leaks

The acquisition of Bethesda was a precursor to an unexpected revolution for Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. Todd Howard has confirmed that both games have an upcoming sequel, and though we don't know anything about Fallout 5, we have learned a few things about Elder Scrolls VI.

The Elder Scrolls VI
Everything suggests that Hammerfell is the location for Elder Scrolls VI | © Bethesda and Microsoft

Another adventure in Tamriel awaits us with Elder Scrolls 6. However, that adventure isn’t coming anytime soon, as Microsoft and Bethesda have remained quiet about their upcoming RPG.

Bethesda has heavily focused its yearly development cycle on Starfield. It’s now rumored that Elder Scrolls VI is still in pre-production, as suggested by the Bethesda HR LinkedIn profile. This is somewhat shocking, as Bethesda announced Elder Scrolls 6 in June 2018. We’ve now past four years since the initial announcement.

Microsoft & Bethesda didn’t provide any updates on Elder Scrolls 6 during their recent June 2022 Showcase. Like everyone else, we are disappointed that there wasn’t any gameplay footage to be seen. Fortunately, we have learned about some of the fundamental features of Elder Scrolls VI, and we’re here to break it down for you.

Is Elder Scrolls 6 Coming Out In 2023-2024?

As previously mentioned, Todd Howard and the Bethesda HR Team have suggested that Elder Scrolls 6 remains in pre-production. This is disappointing news for hardcore supporters, as it means there’s little chance of Elder Scrolls VI launching before 2023-24.

Bethesda has required four years to develop Starfield since announcing the game at E3 2018. This was the same E3 Conference where Elder Scrolls 6 was announced, and this stands to reason that Bethesda will require 5+ years of development for their upcoming RPG. In turn, we’re not expecting Elder Scrolls VI to arrive before 2026 or later. We still have to wait before getting our hands on the next-generation version of Tamriel.

Game Setting, Story, And Everything We Know About Elder Scrolls 6 So Far | All Leaks & Rumors

Hammerfell ESO Artwork
Artwork of Hammerfell, as depicted in Elder Scrolls Online | © Bethesda and Zenimax

There’s little information available on the storyline & game setting for Elder Scrolls 6. Despite that, rumors have suggested that this game will be set in Hammerfell. This would be an exciting location for Bethesda to choose, as Hammerfell is located to the Southwest of Skyrim. Moreover, it hasn’t been used in a full-fledged Elder Scrolls game since ESO.

Bethesda has essentially confirmed that Hammerfell is the location for Elder Scrolls 6. The announcement trailer shown at E3 2018 has geological features similar to that of Hammerfell. Moreover, Bethesda tweeted a mysterious map on December 31st, 2020, which evidently pointed towards Hammerfall.

Rumors regarding the game setting haven’t stopped with Hammerfell. Fans are considering almost every province in Tamriel, but it’s reasonable to presume that locations like Elsweyr & Black Marsh aren’t included in ESVI. We would also reason that Valenwood won’t be supported in Elder Scrolls 6. However, High Rock is a reasonable guess based on the announcement trailer. We would reason that Hammerfell is the most likely location for Elder Scrolls 6.

Is Elder Scrolls 6 Exclusive To The Xbox Series X/S And PC?

Elven Warrior in ESO
Will Elven warriors return to Hammerfell and assist the Red Guard in Elder Scrolls 6? | © Bethesda and Zenimax

Everyone has heard about Microsoft purchasing Bethesda for $7.5 billion in 2020. It was a massive story that shocked the entire gaming industry and prompted immediate speculation that Bethesda games would become exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S and PC.

Shortly afterwards, Microsoft confirmed that Elder Scrolls VI would stand among the Xbox Series X/S exclusive titles. This is disappointing for longtime supporters of the franchise that favor the PlayStation. However, those supporters should know that Microsoft has provided an incredible experience with the Xbox Series X/S. The combination of SSD Hard-Drives, Ray-Tracing, and 4K Video makes for some fantastic gaming moments with your buddies!

Is Elder Scrolls 6 Part Of The Game Pass On Xbox?

Microsoft is guaranteed to launch Elder Scrolls 6 onto the Xbox Game Pass. This is the cornerstone of their business model, as millions across the globe will run to purchase an Xbox Series X/S and subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass.

We’re expecting dedicated supporters to have a multitude of special editions to choose from with Elder Scrolls 6. You won’t be limited to downloading this RPG through the Xbox Game Pass, as there will be physical-based versions of Elder Scrolls 6.

This is purely speculation, but we’re confident that Elder Scrolls 6 will have a special edition with the following:

  • Art Book
  • Statue Figurine
  • Steel Book Cover

Game Trailer

The announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls VI was basic, as nothing else was shown except for cinematic footage of what appears to be Hammerfell. Beyond that, Bethesda hasn’t revealed anything else from Elder Scrolls Six.

Recent reports have suggested there won't be any dragons in Elder Scrolls VI, and the announcement trailer leans towards that rumor. We know, it’s sad.

Game System Requirements

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the game system requirements for Elder Scrolls 6. This game will launch years after Nvidia, and AMD have launched their upcoming GPUs/CPUs. You can firmly expect that PC upgrades will be needed when Elder Scrolls VI is launched later this decade.