Ex-GTA Developer's New Game Looks Like Cyberpunk Meets... GTA

Former Rockstar boss Leslie Benzies reveals first look at his new AAA game and it looks... familiar.

This new GTA game is looking a little different | © Build A Rocket Boy

After his split from Rockstar Games, Leslie Benzies is back with his new game development studio Build A Rocket Boy, revealing their new game MindsEye. The thing is, the game looks kind of familiar.

MindsEye: An Ambitious Sci-Fi Action Shooter With An Interesting Twist

MindsEye looks like an interesting action-shooter set in a cyberpunk world where the player has to battle his way through countless enemies after acquiring some high-tech implant.

Here's the twist, MindsEye is not really going to be a traditional release. It will be part of the Everywhere platform, w will launch on PC in 2023.

Everywhere seems to be some kind of gaming "Metaverse", or Hub where players can interact and play together, as well as visit "portals" to different worlds, one of them apparently being the game MindsEye.

Regarding MindsEye, from what you can see in the teaser it looks just like GTA, if it was set in the Cyberpunk world.

Looking at the teaser, the game looks hype! Regardless, without any gameplay footage there is not a whole lot of stuff we can say about the game, except the setting which looks pretty good.

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With the involvement of Benzies, the game is bound to resemble GTA in some way, shape, or form. Benzies left Rockstar Games back in 2016, apparently not on the best terms.

Looking at the setting and Benzies experience in developing awesome games, this game might just be the Cyberpunk 2077 game, everybody wanted back in 2013.

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