This Game is Outlast with Guns

We've needed a new horror game experience and Fobia: St Dinfa Hotel could be what we've been waiting for.

Fobia st dinfa hotel header
This game looks pretty good, eh? | © Pulsatrix and Maximum Games

To be honest, Outlast was pretty fun, right? The fear of being caught around every corner, figuring out what was happening at that haunted asylum, all of it was exciting and invigorating, but there was always something missing and that was the aspect of protecting oneself.

Not even a piece of wood could be picked up to whack one of the weirdos across the face, which if we're honest and in that situation, we would definitely and totally do, right? Right. So, Maximum Games, who have published Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach has decided to publish Pulsatix's homage to Outlast: Fobia.

What is Fobia: St. Dinfa Hotel?

This game is going to be a horror game similar to Outlast. You'll also be an investigative journalist, setting foot into a dangerous and forgotten space. You have to find out what is going on within the haunted walls of this once vibrant hotel... or was it always forgotten and destroyed?

This game is an homage to Outlast, so like the original game, you've got spooky enemies that look like they belong in a H.P. Lovecraft novel rather than a video game. While the hotel changes around you, you encounter enemies, and have to try to solve puzzles while under pressure. Honestly, your heartbeat will rise when playing this game, just like Outlast did all those years ago.

What Other Similarities to Outlast Are There?

In Outlast your main viewpoint is the camera, right? You record with it and use it for night vision. Similarly, you'll have a camera in Fobia as well, with which you'll be able to spot enemies when in dark rooms of the hotel. Pretty important eh.

What is the Biggest Difference to Outlast?

The biggest difference? Read the damn title and you'll know it! When you're feeling like you cannot go on any longer, you'll be able to choose a gun to protect yourself from those creatures roaming the hotel rooms and hallways.

What will keep you from constantly killing enemies, rather than hiding from them and playing around them smartly? Easy, there isn't much ammo to be found in the hotel. So, if you're willing to shoot someone, you'll have to mean it... and you better not miss because every bullet could be your last.

Which Platforms Can You Play Fobia on?

The game was released on June 28, 2022 and you can play the game on Steam and even try out a free demo ahead of buying it if you're still unsure whether this is the type of horror game for you. The game is also available for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Seris S | X.