Gran Turismo Movie: LotR Star Joins The Cast

The upcoming Gran Turismo film has begun filming, and a new member of the cast has just been announced: Orlando Bloom.

Oralndo Bloom gran Turismo
Legolas would surely be a great driver. | © New Line Cinema / Sony

If you didn't even know that this movie was a thing then maybe you should read our overview of the Gran Turismo movie and plot first (it's based on a true story). Long story short: this film will follow a young gamer who starts out playing Gran Turismo and ends up working as an actual race car driver. It sounds awesome, we think, and so we're happy to see big actors joining the cast. And of all the big actors they could have picked, we're even happier that they chose one from the Woodland Realm.

Orlando Bloom Joins Cast Of Gran Turismo Movie

Legolas (otherwise known as Orlando Bloom) has joined the cast of the upcoming Gran Turismo movie as an exec who's involved in "selling" motorsports. Not as exciting a role as we might have hoped for, but he's far too old to play a young gamer nowadays.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Bloom will play a hungry marketing exec who is selling the sport of motor racing … and just may believe in its art, too.

We wish we had more details to share with you, but for now, that's all we've got. Although, we can already confirm the release date for the Gran Turismo movie: August 11, 2023.

What do you think about a Gran Turismo film? Excited? Or does it sound like an Uncharted-style flop?

And speaking of great games becoming great films...