Gran Turismo Movie Announced

Sony has finalized a deal to bring Gran Turismo to the silver screen, and here's everything we know about it.

Gran turismo 7 reveal release date trailer cars tracks
Essentially... the car is gonna be the main character... | © Sony

So... a Gran Turismo movie, huh? Sony is selling off movie rights right now, and we already know about the God of War movie, and the Horizon Zero Dawn series coming to Netflix, but a Gran Turismo movie... odd, right? I mean, when thinking of car movies, the only things that come to mind are massive flops, or movies that revolve more around what's happening outside of the cars, like Fast & Furious, or Death Race, or even more biographical, somber pieces like Rush. So... depending on what Gran Turismo is going for here... this one could be interesting.

Gran Turismo Movie Coming Soon

As far as the director goes, Sony is eyeing Neill Blomkamp, who crafted District 9. That alone speaks for the move taking a more dramatic approach, rather than becoming a gearhead spectacle.

Still... this is an odd choice for a franchise to get the silver screen treatment. Uncharted made sense, and so do the aforementioned Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War, but the crucial difference here is that all of those franchises have lead characters. Gran Turismo doesn't feature a single protagonist... it's a racing simulator and closer to watching a Formula 1 race, than a movie...