Halo World Championship 2022 | Schedule, Rosters & How To Watch

The 2022 Halo World Championship will take place soon. It's the first champs to be hosted on Infinite, and needless to say we're hyped. Here's all the information you need to know to enjoy the event.

Halo Champs 2022
Here's everything you need to know to watch this year's Halo Champs. | © Microsoft

Halo Infinite fizzled out shortly after launch. There just wasn't enough content. But at it's core, Halo Infinite is a fundamentally sound shooter, and it works well for high-level, competitive play. So if you like Halo, and you're interested in checking out Halo esports, then we advise you to tune into the Halo World Championship 2022 this weekend (October 20-23).

In this guide, we'll provide everything you need to enjoy the event. We've got a brief overview of Halo esports for beginners, followed by a rundown of the schedule and the rosters.

Halo World Championship 2022: Intro For Newcomers

If you're very familiar with Halo esports then just scroll down to get the key information for champs. But, if you're new to Halo esports, or you're just curious about how this all works, then here's a brief overview for you.

Halo has on official esports league called the HCS (Halo Championship Series). This is an open league and not a franchised one, so any team who earn enough points by competing at a regional level can theoretically make it to big tournaments. And the Halo World Championship is the biggest tournament in the calendar. The best teams from around the world (but in reality that means North America plus a couple of EU teams) will come together for a live event in Seattle, and one of them will be crowned the Halo Champions of 2022.

In this tournament we'll basically be watching a series of 4v4 matches, but with certain weapons like the Mangler banned for being uncompetitive. The matches are best of 5, so teams will play each other across different maps and modes until one side has won 3 games. The format for matches and modes is as follows:

  • Match 1: Objective Mode (CTF, Oddball, King of the Hill, Strongholds)
  • Match 2: Slayer
  • Match 3: Objective Mode (CTF, Oddball, King of the Hill, Strongholds)
  • Match 4: Objective Mode (CTF, Oddball, King of the Hill, Strongholds)
  • Match 5: Slayer

And here are the maps that each of these modes can be played on:



Aquarius, Catalyst, Live Fire, Recharge, Streets
Capture the FlagAquarius, Bazaar, Catalyst
OddballLive Fire, Recharge, Streets
King of the HillLive Fire, Recharge, Streets
StrongholdsLive Fire, Recharge, Streets

Okay, that was an incredibly brief overview of how competitive Halo works, but if you're still interested in watching that kind of tournament, let's proceed.

Halo World Championship 2022: How To Watch

Because there are so many matches happening at once during the Halo World Championship, there are actually four separate streams (both broadcast on YouTube and Twitch). Streams A & B are reserved for the bigger matches and will always have commentary, while streams C & D usually don't have commentary and are just raw gameplay. Here are the links to those streams:

We recommend YouTube as it allows you to go back and rewatch key moments during a stream.

Halo World Championship 2022: Schedule

The Halo World Championship begins on Thursday, October 20 and runs until Sunday, October 23. On the Thursday and Friday we have the play-ins and the group stage, and then all those that qualify will make it through to bracket play on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately a more detailed schedule still isn't available, but matches start each day around 12:00 PT (14:00 CT / 15:00 ET / 20:00 BST / 21:00 CEST).

Halo World Championship 2022: Roster

If you're a newcomer to Halo esports and looking for a player or team you might like to support, you should be aware that only five teams really stand a chance of winning, and in this order of probability: Sentinels, OpTic, Cloud9, eUnited & FaZe Clan. We might get a crazy, underdog run through the elimination bracket or something, but it's unlikely. These five rosters are just ridiculously talent-stacked compared to other teams.

Here are all the teams and their rosters.

Play-In Teams

These eight teams have not automatically qualified for the group stages, and only by placing in the top four during the play-ins will they be able to proceed. Those that come in the bottom four will be going home at the end of the first day.

FnaticArtic, Juziro, Sceptify, Suppressed
ComplexityCykul, Monstcer, Neuronical, Vetra
AcendLegend, Respectful, Sica, Snipedrone
JLingz EsportsMorguh, Phlux, Quad, Septiq
SpaceStationAtzo, Drift, Nugget, Tapping Buttons

Goriloco, IDragoniak, Noblc, Rfrinnegan

The ChiefsBeastin, Bziirk, Madsy, Slayz
Divine MindPipz, Plasma, Ratedw, Swayz

Qualified Teams

These twelve teams are effectively the better teams, the ones who have already done enough over the course of the season to auto-qualify for the group stages. Here are the teams and their rosters, and the groups they've been sorted into:

Group A

I like Oxygen a lot but it's unlikely they make it:

Team Roster
OpTic GamingaPG, Lucid, TriPPPeY, FormaL
Oxygen EsportsTriton, BoamX, Nemassist, Kuhlect
Native GamingKingJay, Minds, Piggy, Abature

Group B

Cloud9 shouldn't have much difficulty here:

Team Roster
Cloud9Eco, Penguin, StelluR, Bound
Gamers FirstPreDevoNatoR, Squallaye, Swish, bubu dubu
Team WaREnvore, Hysteria, Rammyy, toni

Group C

FaZe will have an easy run to the bracket stage:

Team Roster
FaZe ClanFalcated, Renegade, Spartan, KingNick
G2 EsportsGilk3y, Sabinater, Str8 Sick, Barcode
TSS EsportsAce, Huss, Mortally, SuperCC

Group D

This easily the hardest group:

Team Roster
SentinelsLethuL, SnakeBite, Frosty, Royal2
eUnitedRayne, RyaNoob, Suspector, Snip3down
Natus Vincere

Jimbo, Kimbo, zMightys, Snakey


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, everything you need to know to enjoy the Halo World Championship 2022. May the best team win!