Hogwarts Legacy: Moth Mirror Puzzles

In Hogwarts Legacy, Moth Mirrors are one of the many types of secrets waiting for you to be explored. We show you how to solve them!

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Hogwarts Legacy is brimming with secrets and puzzles waiting to be uncovered, and one of the most intriguing one is the Moth Mirrors. These special mirrors offer a glimpse of hidden areas within the game, and to fully explore these areas, you must locate a specific flying magical insect to capture and bring back with you.

To help you discover all of the Moth Mirrors in the game, we've prepared a comprehensive guide. So get ready to embark on an exciting quest as you explore the nooks and crannies of Hogwarts Legacy to uncover these elusive mirrors and the secrets they hold.

Hogwarts Legacy Moth Mirrors Explained

The Moth Mirror puzzle is a unique challenge that can be encountered while exploring the world, unlike other puzzles or collectibles that require specific quests to access them.

However, there is a side quest called "Like a Moth to a Frame" that introduces you to the puzzle mechanics. Completing this quest will help you understand how to solve the puzzle and what to expect when encountering Moth Mirrors in the game.

While it's not necessary to complete this quest to start searching for the mirrors, it can certainly help you understand the puzzle mechanics and make your exploration more efficient. So, if you want to get a head start on the Moth Mirror puzzles and understand how to solve them, consider taking on the "Moth to a Frame" side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Complete "Like A Moth To A Frame"

To get started with the Moth Mirror puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, you can find Lenora Everleigh standing in front of a Moth Mirror in the Library Annex: Central Hall area. Speak to her to begin the side quest called "Like a Moth to a Frame," which will teach you how to solve these unique puzzles.

Once you've completed the quest, you'll have a clear understanding of the mechanics involved in solving Moth Mirror puzzles.

To summarize, all you need to do is find the missing flying magical insects that are needed to complete each puzzle, which will allow you to access the hidden areas visible in the mirrors.

When you encounter a Moth Mirror in Hogwarts Legacy, you can cast the Lumos spell to reveal a clue to a nearby location. Make your way to that location and you'll find a flying moth. The moth you need to catch for the "Like a Moth to a Frame" side quest is located on the opposite side of the hall from the Moth Mirror.

Use the Lumos spell again to attract the flying moth and bring it back to the Moth Mirror.
This will complete the puzzle and spawn a Field Guide Page that you can pick up. It's worth noting that every time you solve a Moth Mirror puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you'll receive another Field Guide Page.

So put your puzzle-solving skills to the test and get ready to explore the mysteries of Hogwarts Legacy!

All Moth Mirror Puzzles

It's important to keep in mind that some areas in Hogwarts Legacy may be inaccessible at the beginning of the game. In certain situations, you may need to learn the Alohomora spell to unlock certain doors or chests. Additionally, you might need to collect Demiguise Statues or Moons to upgrade your lockpicking abilities and gain access to certain areas.

As you progress through the game, you'll acquire new spells and abilities that will help you overcome these obstacles and explore previously inaccessible areas.

Library Annex

  • Library

Mirror: The Moth Mirror is located on the second floor of the Hogwarts Castle, behind some bookcases.

The flying magical insect, or Moth, can be found on a podium near the staircases.

  • Potions Classroom

Mirror: First, go through the door and head down the staircase on your left. Then, open the door next to the Daedalian Cabinet. You'll find the Mirror near the end of the hallway that is full of paintings.

Moth: Once you have located the Mirror, look straight ahead and you'll see the flying Moth floating on a troll statue.

Astronomy Wing

  • Astronomy Tower

Mirror: Climb the stairs until you reach a fireplace

Moth: Keep climbing up to the top of the tower, where you'll see it floating in front of a blackboard next to a telescope.

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower

Mirror: When you spawn in, you'll see the Mirror directly in front of the Floo Flame.

Moth: Go up one floor and look for it right next to Professor Fig's Classroom.

  • Transfiguration Classroom

Mirror: Climb the steps until you see the Moth Mirror beside a fireplace.

Moth: Continue climbing to the top of the tower. You'll find the Moth in front of a blackboard next to a telescope.

  • Transfiguraton Courtyard

Mirror: Enter the door and go up the staircase to your right. You'll find the Mirror in a small hallway with green gas.

Moth: To your left past this hallway, you'll see the Moth floating in front of a painting of centaurs. Note that you will need to use the Alohomora spell to access the next room where the Moth is located.

Bell Tower Wing

  • Hogwarts North Exit

Mirror: You can find the Mirror inside the shed near the Floo Flame.

Moth: To find the Moth, head all the way to the back of the area, on the left-hand side of the ramparts.

Great Hall

  • Great Hall

Mirror: Exit the room and turn left. It should be on the wall to your left.

Moth: The Moth can be found behind the podium where the teachers usually sit.

  • Viaduct Courtyard

Mirror: You can find the Mirror at the outer section of the plaza that overlooks the lake.

Moth: The Moth is located at the end of the right-hand side corridor, after climbing up the steps.

South Wing

  • Clock Tower Courtyard (Floo Flame)

Mirror: Near the Floo Flame as soon as you enter the area. To locate it, head to the door on your right with a level 1 lock. The mirror is nearby.

Moth: Once you are in the courtyard, look for the flying moth in the back-right corner.

  • Clock Tower Courtyard (Argyllshire Map)

Mirror: After entering the courtyard, turn around and go through the door next to the Floo Flame. Head to the opposite wing where you'll find a map of a place called Argyllshire. Above it is a button that you can press using the Depulso spell.

Moth: After pressing the button, go right from the Argyllshire map and find the moth inside the girls' bathroom.

Grand Staircase

  • Lower Grand Staircase/Slytherin Dungeon

Mirror: Take a right from the Floo Flame and follow the winding corridor to the end. You'll see a suit of armor, and the mirror is to the right of it

Moth: As for the moth, continue along the dungeon area to the right and you'll eventually spot it on a wall.

  • Ravenclaw Tower

Mirror: The mirror is located by turning left from the Floo Flame and descending to the bottom of the marble spiral staircase.

Moth: For the moth, go back up to the top of the staircase and look for it near some paintings.

  • Trophy Room

Mirror: To reach the mirror, walk all the way to the end of the corridor and climb the steps and staircase. Eventually, you'll arrive at a narrow hallway with a Phoenix gargoyle that leads to the Headmaster's Office. The mirror is in this hallway.

Moth: To find the moth, go back down the spiral staircase and look up at the ceiling just before you reach the corridor with the mahogany panelings.


  • Hog's Head
Mirror: You can find this Hogwarts Legacy Moth Mirror next to a Hogsmeade Eye Chest, beside the Hog's Head Inn.

Moth: Look for the moth on a stack of boxes located outside the Hog's Head, a short distance away from the Broom Shop.
  • Near the Broom Shop
Mirror: To find this mirror, use the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame and head towards the back of the house to your right as soon as you spawn in.

Moth: From the mirror's location, turn around and look at the grassy area behind the shops. The moth can be found next to a Hogsmeade Eye Chest.
  • The Old Fool
Mirror: This Hogwarts Legacy Mirror can be found inside the Old Fool, which is an abandoned building located north of the cemetery.

Moth: Check the wooden crates at the back of the Old Fool to find the moth.
  • Water Mill
Mirror: This mirror is located inside the water mill, which can be found in the eastern portion of Hogsmeade.

Moth: Look for the moth on top of a lamppost across the pathway leading back to town.
  • Dogweed and Deathcap

Mirror: This Hogwarts Legacy Mirror can be found inside the Dogweed and Deathcap shop.

Moth: The moth can be found on a chimney outside the shop. To get to it, climb on top of the ledges to the right of the shop.

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