Honkai: Star Rail Star Path Guide | Each Role Explained

With a turned-based battle system a lot of role delegation is involved. An important to understand, what Star Paths are. Read our guide on them to build your perfect team.

Honkai Star Rail Gameplay
Star Path Guide - so you know how your characters work | © MiHoyo

Mihoyo gave us a new Gacha Game with Honkai Star Rail, and with it comes a turn-based battle system and new systems. One of them is the Star Path each character has. So you can choose the right character and play style for you, let us explain each of them and their role in battle.

Honkai Star Rail: Star Paths Explained

So you just started playing Honkai Star Rail and see something besides the elements next to each character and don't know what it means. This is the Star Path your character has. They show you, what role the character takes in battle. This is important to know for planning your team. In turn-based combat, strategy plays a major role.

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Let's go over all of them:

Star PathRoleDescription
DestructionDamage DealerCan deal damage to single or multi-target
EruditionDamage DealerFocuses on AoE damage

Damage Dealer

Deals a lot of damage to single enemies


Applies buffs to allies
NihilityDebufferApplies debuffs to enemies
PreservationShielderGives allies shields to protect from incoming damage
AbundanceHealerFocuses on healing allies

As you see, there are quite a few Star Paths, but to veterans of RPGs they are pretty familiar. It is essentially the routine roles established in most turn-based systems.

For newcomers, you need to find the right mix for you between dealing damage and preventing through heals or shields. Then there is the choice between Buffs vs. Debuffs. Every player will have their personal preference here. A lot is dependent on your personal play style.

If you want some help deciding, we made a character tier list to help you decide on characters to choose.

And that is all there is, to the different Star Paths in Honkai Star Rail. Try them out and find your own play style!

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