Hot Wheels Unleashed Guide – Cars, Tracks, and DLC

Welcome to our guide into Hot Wheels Unleashed. Here you'll find everything needed to approach Hot Wheels Unleashed with confidence. We've delved into the available cars, tracks, features, and game modes that are supported in this game. So, why not start learning now?

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Smash into your opponents and send them rolling off the track in Hot Wheels Unleashed | © Hot Wheels Unleashed - Mattel 2022

Hot Wheels Unleashed has more than 120+ unlockable vehicles inside the campaign and multiplayer modes, but some diecast cars perform better than others. I’ve learned that selecting your vehicle isn’t hugely important after the drifting mechanics have been mastered. If you can manage the boosts and drifting mechanics, any of these vehicles should be good enough for a multiplayer match.

When I had preordered the ultimate edition for Hot Wheels Unleashed, I wasn’t expecting to experience the full-fledged game that Milestone had created. I’d instantly became surprised when noticing the numerous systems they had incorporated into HWU. For instance, vehicles are unlocked in three different manners. You can acquire these diecast cars through the campaign, blind boxes, or limited offers.

You’re probably wondering how this all works? Well, the campaign mode is all about grinding things out until new vehicles are unlocked. But things change once the blind boxes and limited offers are selected because you’ll need in-game currency to acquire these diecast cars. The required amount could range anywhere from 500 to 2000 HW Credits.

Now that you’ve learned about the unlock system in Hot Wheels Unleashed, let’s break down the available vehicles in their respective classes. You'll find that Milestone has incorporated numerous vehicles into into the standard, themed, and manufacturer classes for this arcade racer. But which one's are the best? I'll let you be the judge of that.

Track Building Features In Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed
Build the ultimate track and impress your friends in Hot Wheels Unleashed | © Hot Wheels Unleashed - Mattel 2022

I’d never imagined that Hot Wheels Unleashed would maintain such an extensive track builder. When Milestone announced this feature for the game, I presumed that the customization options wouldn’t be complicated. But I would be incorrect in those assumptions. Hot Wheels Unleashed supports an extensive track builder where anything is possible. Better yet, Milestone is constantly updating this feature to ensure players have more options at their disposal. But what should a beginner know about the track builder? Let me tell you.

Circuit and Course

When you launch into the track builder mode, you’ll have the option to choose between a circuit and course. Players that choose to create a circuit will compete in three-lap races. However, selecting the course option means you’ll create a continuous track that doesn’t end until the finish line is reached. After you’ve chosen which option is preferred, you’ll be capable of developing your track from the ground up. For now, let’s delve into which circuit and course options are available to you.

  • Left Start (Circuit & Course)
  • Right Start (Circuit & Course)
  • Left Launcher Start (Circuit & Course)
  • Right Launcher Start (Circuit & Course)
  • The Scorpion (Circuit & Course)
  • The Nitro Bot (Circuit & Course)
  • The Yeti (Circuit & Course)
  • Ultimate Parking (Circuit Only)
  • T-Rex Escape (Course Only)

Basic Modules

You can start using the track builder in Hot Wheels Unleashed by learning about the basic modules. These modules can be modified based on your imagination, meaning that everything can be edited from the rotation to the height of these track lines. You’ll also have the opportunity to customize these track lines based on colour and surroundings. But which basic modules are available? Let’s find out.

  • Track Line
  • Track Ramp
  • Side Cones
  • Invisible Module
  • Checkpoint
  • Invisible Checkpoint
  • Left Loop
  • Right Loop

Special Modules

After you’ve mastered the basic modules, start interacting with the special modules. They have different in-game effects that alter the track and feeling off your PS5 controller. For instance, magnetic loops can send you hurdling upwards while a rumbling feeling comes from your controller. But I’ve found that tracks can maintain an unnatural progression without some caution being used. It took me several tries before realizing where the special modules perform best. Regardless, let’s find out which special modules are available in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

  • Magnetic Track
  • Magnetic Left Loop
  • Magnetic Right Loop
  • Giant Fans
  • Tunnel
  • Track Splitter
  • Invisible Track Splitter
  • Invisible Track Splitter with Cones
  • Timed Track Splitter

Animated Modules

Your track will start changing once you’ve incorporated animated modules like the rolling boulders or angry dragon. This provides track builders with the ability to stop other players from moving. But how’s that possible? Well, the boulders smash into other cars while flames engulf anyone that the dragon sees. It makes for an exciting dynamic while playing Hot Wheels Unleashed. But which animated modules are available to beginners? You’d be surprised.

  • Spider Ambush
  • Hungry Cobra
  • Rolling Boulders
  • Dinopult
  • Spinning Tire
  • Booster Slam
  • Split Bridge
  • Angry Dragon
  • Joker Funhouse Split

Milestone Studios has confirmed they’ll be adding more animated modules into Hot Wheels Unleashed. Those modules will be released with downloadable content, like the Batman Expansion.

Interactive Objects And Finish Lines

After you have constructed your track, you’ll be asked to add interactive objects across the circuit or course. These interactive objectives are imperative to ensure that races move quickly and smoothly. For instance, Boost Chargers allow you to use nitrous without frequent depleting it. It’ll also be noted that other interactive objects are available to assist you in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

  • Barrier - Interactive Object
  • Boost Trigger - Interactive Object
  • Accelerator - Interactive Object
  • Magnetic Strip - Interactive Object
  • Boost Charger - Interactive Object
  • Track Finish – Finish Line
  • Volcano Blast – Finish Line

Milestone studios haven’t indicated that they’ll be adding more interactive objects into Hot Wheels Unleashed. But I’m happy to report that we’ll see some extra finish lines as more expansion packs are released.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Seasons Pass And DLC

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Batman is reborn in Hot Wheels Unleashed, can you beat your enemies at the Dark Knight? Who knows. | © Hot Wheels Unleashed - Mattel 2022

As you’ve learned throughout this guide, Hot Wheels Unleashed has downloadable content available for purchase. This downloadable content is typically themed around new vehicles that have been introduced to players. However, expansion packs are also launched into this game. But which expansion packs are available? And what can they provide you? Let’s find out.

Hot Wheels Batman Expansion

  • 1 Environment – The Batcave.
  • 5 Vehicles – Robin, The Joker GT, Rebirth Batman, Armored Batman, The Penguin.
  • 2 Item Sets – Profile Icon, Tags, and Background.
  • New Events and Customization Items.

Hot Wheels Monster Truck Expansion

  • Coming Soon to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC.

Milestone Studios will launch new expansions as Hot Wheels Unleashed continues into 2022/23. You can expect me to highlight any vehicles and environments that Milestone releases in the coming months.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Environments

Lp environment skatepark photo 01 2x
Tricks, flips, and adventures are to be had at the Skatepark in Hot Wheels Unleashed | © Hot Wheels Unleashed - Mattel 2022

Everything from multiplayer matches to campaign events is hosted in various environments. These locations appear as playable maps in Hot Wheels Unleashed, with each one having a distinct feeling and feature to players.

These environments are constantly changing for anyone that plays the multiplayer mode in Hot Wheels Unleashed. I can tell you from personal experience that these lobbies select player-generated maps more than the official events in Hot Wheels. But somehow, mine never seem to get selected. Anyways, you’re probably wondering which environments are available, right?

  • Basement
  • Skatepark
  • College Campus
  • Garage
  • Skyscraper
  • Batcave
  • Track Room

You can expect Milestone Studios to launch more environments into Hot Wheels Unleashed. Just recently, they released an announcement trailer for the Monster Truck Expansion. It appears from this footage that we’ll be receiving two new environments. Even better, these environments seem like they’re built for off-roading. Isn’t that amazing?

Upgrading And Selling Cars In Hot Wheels Unleashed

I never imagined that we’d be upgrading and selling vehicles in Hot Wheels Unleashed when I’d preordered the game. But let me tell you, was I ever excited. It’s incredible to access an upgrading system with the in-game gears. It’s allowed me to increase the speed, braking power, acceleration, and handling for numerous diecast cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

The best example would be my 2018 Ford Mustang. When I’d unlocked this vehicle, its performance was lacklustre. But things changed when I had upgraded this vehicle vehicle from Common to Rare to Legendary. But how much does it cost to improve these vehicles? Well, that depends. Standard vehicles require two hundred gears for upgrading purposes, while rare vehicles need five hundred gears. That’s the maximum price we’ll see when enhancing our diecast cars.

The higher your vehicle is ranked, the more it’s worth. So, upgrading your diecast cars becomes an essential component of Hot Wheels Unleashed. You’ll want an abundance of sellable vehicles if you run out of in-game currency.

Where Can I Buy Hot Wheels Unleashed?

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Get ready, there's plenty more to come with Hot Wheels Unleashed! | © Hot Wheels Unleashed - Mattel 2022

You’ll be capable of purchasing Hot Wheels Unleashed from an assortment of online and retail stores. The PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and Steam marketplaces allow gamers to buy this game for direct download.

There are also massive retailers like GameStop and Media Markt that sell Hot Wheels Unleashed. Regardless of which option is chosen, this game should cost you £39.99/€49.99/$49.99 unless you’ve acquired it on sale.

PC Game System Requirements

You're in luck, there isn't much involved with running Hot Wheels Unleashed on your PCs. The game isn't graphically intensive compared to other titles we've reviews at EarlyGame. This means almost every reader should be capable of downloading this game onto their computer. For those interested, we have provided the PC system requirements down below.

Minimum PC System Requirements for Hot Wheels Unleashed

CategorySystem Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 64-Bit or Later
CPUIntel Core i5-2500K / AMD FX-6350
Storage Space22GB
Hi-Rez Assets CacheN/A
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 / AMD R9 390
Video MemoryDirectX - Version 11
Graphics DriverNvidia Graphics Driver

Recommended PC System Requirements for Hot Wheels Unleashed

CategorySystem Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 8.1 64-Bit or Later
CPUIntel Core i7-5820K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Storage Space22GB
Hi-Rez Assets CacheN/A
Video Card (GPU)Nvidia GeForce GTX 3060 / AMD Radeon
Video MemoryDirectX - Version 12
Graphics DriverNvidia DLSS