Joy-Con Finally Usable with Steam

Nintendo and Valve finally came to an agreement: You can now use Joy-Cons on Steam.

Steam Joy Con Controller
About damn time. | © Steam

I don't know about you, but I love the Joy-Cons. In fact, back when I played Breath of the Wild, I'd often have my hands at my side, a Joy-Con in each, and was enjoying a gamepad freedom I'd never had before. Sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I do mean it. Lying down on the sofa, one hand dangling just above the floor and the other on my belly? Sure. The Joy-Con meant I no longer had to hold controllers like a slippery chicken nugget, and for some reason this 6'5'' gamer right here, had the best time with the smallest of controllers. So it's only natural that I was trying to pair my Joy-Cons with Steam, but... to no avail. This changes now.

You Can Now Use Joy-Cons on Steam

The news first broke via PCGamer, after the Steam Client Beta re-release on August 5. According to them, a single Joy on can be used as two mini controllers, or individually for two-handed-freedom-glory.

How do you pair the Joy-Cons with Steam? It's rather simple: Go into the Steam client beta and select "Steam" in the top left corner. From here, navigate to "Settings", "Account", "Beta Participation" and, finally, click "Change". The dropwdown menu will nw prompt you to select the "Steam Beta Update" and once you've done that... you're good to go - enjoy, because, seriously, drift-issues aside, the Joy-Cons are one thing I hope returns with the Nintendo Switch 2.