League Of Legends: Best Easter Skins

League of Legends players can celebrate Easter with festive skins featuring bunnies, candy, and sweet treats.

Lo L Easter
League Of Legends: Best Easter Skins | © Riot Games

Spring is a season that brings about new beginnings, growth, and renewal. It's a time of year when nature comes to life, and the world around us is transformed into a vibrant and colorful landscape. This is why many cultures around the world celebrate the arrival of spring with festivals, feasts, and traditions. And that is exactly what we are doing in League of Legends!

One of the most popular Easter traditions is the exchange of chocolate eggs, candy, and bunnies. These treats are symbols of new life and growth and have become a staple of the holiday season. In recent years, these traditions have made their way into the virtual world of gaming, with League of Legends introducing a variety of Easter-themed skins for players to enjoy.

If you have a group of friends to play League of Legends with, then creating a team of Easter skins can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate the season. To assist you in this endeavor, we have curated a selection of one Easter Skin for each role in the game. Whether you prefer top lane, mid lane, jungle, or bot lane, there is a skin that will fit your playstyle and personality.

League Of Legends: Best Easter Skins

Whether you're commemorating the advent of spring with delectable chocolate eggs and cute bunnies or admiring the beauty of blooming cherry blossoms and enjoying sticky rice cakes, this season undoubtedly brings about feelings of delight and new opportunities.

As a League of Legends player, you can also infuse some festive spirit into your gaming experience by adding Easter skins to your collection. So don't miss out on the chance to celebrate this joyful time in-game!

Have you ever wondered why we color eggs during Easter? Well, it turns out that this tradition has been around for centuries and has roots in ancient pagan customs. It's said that eggs were used to symbolize new life and the renewal of the spring season.

Lo L Easter 2
League Of Legends: Teemo Easter Skin | © Riot Games

So, what does this have to do with League of Legends, you ask? Well, just like how eggs represent new life, a new season in League of Legends means a fresh start for players. It's a chance to improve, learn new strategies, and climb the ranks to victory. So, the next time you're coloring eggs, think of it as a way to prepare for the start of a new season in the Rift!

Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

With Easter just around the corner, the League of Legends community is gearing up for a festive celebration. And what's a more iconic symbol of Easter than a cute and fluffy bunny? In League of Legends, bunnies have been immortalized in the form of skins for some of our favorite champions.

Of course, not all of them can look as cute as Cottontail Teemo you see in the picture above. Instead of sneaking up on enemies invisibly, you can of course use Miss Fortune as hot easter bunny who definitely does not want to look for Easter eggs with you nice and sweetly..

Lo L Easter Skin 2
League Of Legends: Battle Bunny Miss Fortune Skin | © Riot Games


Poppy is a courageous Yordle champion in League of Legends, known for her unwavering determination and her iconic hammer. One of her most popular skins is the Lollipoppy skin, which transforms her into an adorable candy-themed Yordle wielding a giant lollipop hammer.

The Lollipoppy skin could be a fun addition to an Easter celebration in League of Legends. In many cultures, candy and sweets are an important part of Easter celebrations. From chocolate eggs to marshmallow chicks, candy is often used to symbolize the sweetness of spring and new beginnings. It captures the festive spirit, with its bright colors and candy-themed design.

Playing as Lollipoppy in a League of Legends match could be a great way to get into the Easter spirit and add a touch of sweetness to your game.

Lo L Easter Skin 3
League Of Legends: Poppy Easter Skin | © Riot Games

Battle Bunny Prime Riven

Riven is a fierce and determined champion in League of Legends, known for her quick reflexes and deadly swordplay. One of her most popular skins is the Battle Bunny Riven skin, which transforms her into a fearsome warrior bunny.

Playing as Battle Bunny Riven in a League of Legends match could be a great way to get into the Easter spirit and add a touch of fun and playfulness to your game. Whether you're battling it out on the Rift or enjoying a friendly game with friends, the Battle Bunny Riven skin is sure to bring a smile to your face and a sense of festive spirit to your game.

Lo L Easter Skin 4
League Of Legends: Riven Easter Skin | © Riot Games

Candy Cane Ivern

If you're a League of Legends player looking to add a touch of Easter spirit to your gameplay, the Candy Cane Ivern skin could be just what you need. This festive skin transforms Ivern into a playful and whimsical character inspired by the popular holiday sweet treat, the candy cane. Ivern, a peaceful and nature-loving champion, is the perfect character to embody the joyful and playful spirit of Easter. The skin features a green and white outfit with candy cane-striped leggings and a candy cane sceptre, creating a fun and festive appearance.

Lo L Eastern Skin 5
League Of Legends: Easter Ivern Skin | © Riot Games

Sugar Rush Evelynn, Baum and Ziggs

For the ultimate sugar kick, you can of course choose one of these three champions. If you're a League of Legends player looking for some sweet and whimsical skins to add to your collection, the Sugar Rush skins for Braum, Ziggs, and Evelynn could be just what you need.

These skins transform the champions into colorful and playful characters inspired by candy and sweets. Braum becomes the Candy Kingpin, who carries a huge candy sandwich with his fists,. Ziggs becomes the Sugar Rush Ziggs, with a lollipop-themed outfit and a giant candy cane bomb.

And Evelynn becomes the Sugar Rush Evelynn, with a colorful and playful candy-inspired outfit and rainbowred-colored hair. Evelynn is a seductive and deadly champion in League of Legends, known for her ability to sneak up on unsuspecting enemies and take them out with her dark powers. With her alluring looks and sinister abilities, she can be a fearsome opponent in the game. Now she is even more seductive with her candy..

Lo L Easter Skin 6
League Of Legends: Evelynn, Braum and Ziggs Easter Skin | © Riot Games

Bittersweet Lulu

The Bittersweet Lulu skin is a sweet and sour addition to the League of Legends universe. This skin transforms Lulu into a whimsical candy maker, complete with a chef's hat, apron, and a magical candy-making cauldron. But be warned, the candy that Lulu creates is not for the faint of heart. Her Pix companion has transformed into a sour lemon candy that can pack a punch, and her spells are infused with bittersweet flavors that can leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

Lo L Easter Skin 7
League Of Legends: Easter Lulu Skin | © Riot Games

Spring has sprung and Easter is here, bringing with it an abundance of sweets, eggs, and bunnies. But for League of Legends players, there's an added twist to the season - the chance to collect festive Easter skins for their favorite champions.

From candy-making Lulu to battle-ready Riven in her Bunny outfit, League of Legends has something for everyone this Easter. And let's not forget about the candy cane-wielding Ivern or the sugar rush Braum, Ziggs, and Evelynn. So whether you're celebrating Easter with chocolates and eggs or with colorful skins and in-game antics, one thing's for sure - League of Legends has got you covered. Just be sure to watch out for the sneaky Teemo hopping around like a bunny, he might just steal your candy!

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