Leak: God of War Ragnarök DLC In Development

DLC for God of War Ragnarök hasn't been officially confirmed yet. However, a reliable leaker now claims that it is already in development.

God of War Ragnarok Release Date Leaked
God of War Ragnarök: Will we get DLC for the game? │ @Santa Monica Studio

A reliable leaker made God of War fans go crazy on social media by claiming that DLC for GoW Ragnarök is currently in development.

God of War: Ragnarök DLC Is In Development, Claims Leaker

Popular Leaker "The Snitch" just revealed in a Tweet that Sony is working on a God of War Ragnarök DLC at the moment. They also seem to be far into the process, as they are reportedly 60% finished already.

"The Snitch" is known to be incredibly accurate and reliable, and has confirmed that his source is very trustworthy as well. This info could very likely be accurate then and would also go in line with how Ragnarök ends.

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God of War DLC: Fanbase Reaction and Possible Content

The statement was faced with lots of excitement, but reactions were still mixed. Readers of the tweet notied that game director Eric Williams told the Kinda Funny podcast that new content in the form of a DLC or sequel was unlikely, since they put everything they had into the game.

But this statement was back in November 2022, a few weeks after the release, and the game ended up being a huge success for Sony. Also, Tyr voice actor Ben Prendergast teased that "this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Tyr" back in March 2023. Some kind of new content for the game seems to be a given.

There is the question as to what could be in this new content for Ragnarök, since many people seem to be confused after the conclusive ending. Well, for starters, the studio could use this as an opportunity to answer questions that are still left in the open, like how Kratos and Faye meet, how Kratos got to Midgard and more.

Another popular theory seems to be that this will be about Atreus exclusively and could maybe even end up being a spin-off, similar to the Spider-Man Miles Morales game we got after the success of Insomniac's Spider-Man. We won't spoil anything, but a God of War Ragnarök DLC campaign could neatly continue where his story is left off at the end of the main game.

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