Leak: Metroid Prime Remake Coming This Year

Fans have been hoping for a Metroid Prime Remake for years. According to a leak, that's happening this year.

Metroid prime
A New Metroid Prime Game in 2022: How accurate is the Leak? | © Nintendo

With a possible Nintendo Switch 2 coming soon, we can't help but wonder when and if Metroid Prime will finally get a remake. It was supposed to be announced at the last Nintendo Direct, but the announcement never came. Does that mean that the remake is off the table? Don't give up just yet.

Metroid Prime Remake Could Still Drop in 2022

Jeff Grubb was the one that claimed that a Metroid Prime Remake would be announced at the latest Nintendo Direct, along with two Zelda remakes. Unfortunately, none of these three saw the light of day. Despite that, Grubb still claims that the remake IS coming, even sooner than we thought.

Love the title, by the way. Reminds of TheRealInsider's video that had the same title (only that he f-d up real bad). Anyway, if you're too lazy to watch the video: Grubb pretty much just said that he believes the reason Nintendo didn't announce the remakes was because of the announcement of the newest Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom, which makes a lot of sense.

Nobody would have cared about the remakes if they had been announced that day, specifically not the Zelda remakes.

Anyway, this is what Grubb has to say about the Metroid Prime Remake:

Metroid Prime coming this holiday was something I also heard [...] Along the lines... like along, when we were doing all these predictions when we were saying what would be there. I never said Metroid Prime would for sure be there. I said it should because it's coming this holiday. That is still my understanding that Metroid Prime is coming this holiday and that you should be able to get it for Switch and it will be a remaster, a very significant upgrade to Metroid Prime 1 and just Metroid Prime 1.

So, there you go. Grubb made a mistake and whether you believe him on this is up to you. He has a fantastic track record and I personally think that he's right about the remake... but only time will tell.