Lost Ark: Volare Island Guide – Island Token & Mokoko Seeds

Lost Ark offers a bunch of exciting islands with some of the best rewards in the game. Today, we look at Volare Island and how to get the token and all Mokoko seeds there.

Lost Ark Volare Island Guide
Everything you need to know about Volare Island in Lost Ark. | © Smilegate

The islands are among the coolest and most rewarding places in Lost Ark, and one of the most interesting and most popular of them is Volare Island. This one is just like all the other Adventure Islands in that it has to have an event activated if you want to earn the Island Token. Next to the lovely, tasty token, there are, of course, also other Lost Ark rewards and items here, primarily the much sought after Mokoko Seeds.

Read on to see everything you need to know about Monte Island, including a guide on how to earn the Island token and how to find the Mokoko Seeds!

Lost Ark: Volare Island Location

Volare Island is located in the center of the Lost Ark map, south of North Vern. While that is generally an early game area, you shouldn't go to Volare Island until much later. The island comes with a level recommendation of at least 250. Also, you will (obviously) need to have sailing unlocked in Lost Ark before you can... you know, sail to the island. Duh.

Lost Ark Volare Island map location
Lost Ark: Volare Island is located right here. | © Smilegate

How To Earn The Volare Island Token

You need to wait for the island event to be active in Lost Ark, before you can earn the Island Token. Check the schedule in Procyon's Compass to know when the Volare Island event will be active.

When you arrive at the island while the event is active, a timer will begin that starts the quest. The quest is a cooperative effort, similar to the one on Monte Island.

You'll need to speak to a quest giver who will be located on your map once it begins. Afterwards, you and your colleagues will have to kill a whole bunch of crocodiles located in the middle of the island.

The crocs are located inside a pit, and you will need to use cannons located around the island to kill them all. To do this, you and the other players will need to find cannonballs and harpoons around the island which will let you use the cannons to kill the crocodiles.

Harpoons can just be found lying around, but you will have to defeat a bunch of clowns for the cannonballs (no, that's not a joke). Cannonballs are stronger, so you should focus on getting them to complete the quest faster.

Once all the crocs are dead, drop into the smelly pit to get two Secret Chests of Volare. They have a certain chance to drop the Volare Island Token. Because of the RNG of these drops, it is possible that you will have to repeat the event a few times.

How To Find All Mokoko Seeds on Volare Island

Lost Ark Volare Island Mokoko Seeds
Here are all the Mokoko Seeds on Volare Island. | © Smilegate

You can collect three Mokoko Seeds on Volare Island. They are pretty easy to find, so no worries. Here's how you can get them:

  • The first two seeds can be found directly east of the island entrance on the side of the road.
  • In the north of the island, you can find the last Mokoko Seed in the bushes next to a tree.

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