Metal Gear Solid Remake Announcement Expected Soon

Rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake have once again been shared online. The latest news comes from Spanish outlet Areajugones, who claim to have been contacted by anonymous sources. Reportedly, the Metal Gear Solid remake will be a PS5 exclusive, and will be announced soon.

MGS Remake
A remake of Metal Gear Solid is PS5 only. | © Konami

We're not talking about Metal Gear Solid 6 (or even the upcoming MGS movie), oh no, we're talking about a remake of the original game. We actually reported on this recently, when a number of Twitter leakers started hinting at a Meta Gear Solid remake. But now we've heard about this from so many different sources, we think it's beyond reasonable doubt.

Metal Gear Solid Remake Exclusive To PS5

As reported by Spanish outlet Area Jugones, the Metal Gear Solid remake is real and coming soon. But they also claimed that it will be a PS5 exclusive, with no plans for a PS4 version in the works. Obviously, that's bad news for PS4, but we're two years into the PS5s life-cycle, so it's to be expected.

Here's exactly what Areajugones have claimed (translated from the original Spanish):

The Metal Gear Solid Remake is real . At least this is the information that we have received from anonymous sources, who tell us that this project has been developed exclusively for PS5 for years.

While PS5-exclusivety might be sad for PS4 users, you have to imagine it's going to be easier for developers, and it should give the game a much higher technical ceiling. Who knows, we might even be in for a game that take as much advantage of the new tech as the latest God of War.

Update, January 15: Metal Gear Solid Remake Will Be Revealed Before May 2023

We have a small update on this story, and it's from the same source as the original news, Area Jugones. The Spanish publication has now added that their sources expect the Metal Gear Solid Remake to be revealed before May 2023:

The Metal Gear Solid Remake announcement should occur before May 2023

So there you have it. A remake is apparently coming, and it's reportedly going to be announced within a matter of months. Great news for legacy Metal Gear fans.

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